Out-Pace Racing Products By SRI Headed To Northeast In A BIG Way

Story By: DANIEL SANCHEZ / OUT-PACE RACING PRODUCTS – FREEPORT, IL – Some familiar names are returning to the Northeast from different parts of the country and they are bringing along the knowledge and products they have found along the way.

Randy Keene, long-time high-performance brake system engineer and Daniel Sanchez, pro stock driver at Lebanon Valley and Albany Saratoga have teamed up their new employing companies, SRI Performance out of North Carolina and Out-Pace Racing Products from Illinois.

SRI Performance is your all-inclusive warehouse for racing and street performance products. They’re located in the heart of Race City, USA (Mooresville, NC) and they are known for being the largest supplier of used NASCAR parts from today’s top teams in addition to offering parts for short-track asphalt and dirt, NHRA and sprint car racing. The organization sells everything from chassis parts to ball joins to complete race cars. SRI Performance takes pride in the quality of its used parts and the ability to obtain new chassis and engine parts from more than 150 different product lines.

Out-Pace Racing Products has developed a solution for the problem of sticky and seized rod ends that racers have been dealing with for years. Their innovative system reduces the time it takes to maintain your rod end components, along with a host of other benefits. The Out-Pace solution can save racers time and money. Located in Freeport, Illinois, Out-Pace Racing Products, LLC has been involved in racing and building components for racing for over 27 years.

Out-Pace has created a kit for the BIG BLOCK Modified division. This kit includes all radius rods that can be found on a Northeast Modified. This kit will also work for the Sportsman and Small Block divisions. The total Kit is 10 bars with greaseable rod ends and a J-bar. The Kit Retails for $999. We are currently testing with Mike Mahaney, Andy Bachetti, and Derrick McGrew Jr. This greasable rod set is only available through SRI Performance.

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