Dave Marcuccilli Takes 50-Lap DIRTcar 358-Modified Feature Win At Can-Am Wednesday

Story By: CAN-AM SPEEDWAY – LAFARGEVILLE, NY – When Billy Dunn had misfortune Wednesday evening in the DIRTcar 358-Modified event at the Can-Am Speedway, Dave Marcuccilli was the beneficiary as the driver of the M1 took advantage and went on to capture the checkered flag.

In the 50-lap Whitesboro Plow Shop feature, Dunn started in first place and looked to be well on his way to yet another victory at the Nasty Track of the North. But it was not to be.

Dunn pulled off the track with mechanical issues, relinquishing the lead to m1 Dave Marcuccilli on lap 30.

For his part, Marcuccilli took full advantage of the opportunity, dashing out to a commanding lead over the field, putting nearly half a track between himself and second place 31 Lance Willix by the time the checkered flag unfurled.

It was a sweet victory for Marcuccilli who landed a cool $3000 for the win.

In the Bob Johnson Auto Group DIRTcar Sportsman feature, it was 64 Tyler Corcoran who took the victory after patiently waiting through most of the race for his opportunity for the lead.

Corcoran slipped by 12 David Rogers with just eight laps remaining and was able to fend off second place finisher 33x Matt Janczuk after a caution slowed racing with just two laps remaining.

It was Corcoran’s second victory at Can-Am Speedway for the year.

In the Marsha Gibbons TLC Realty ThunderStock feature, it was 22F Tony Frezzo with the victory after fending off 16 Steve Smith and 11z Mike Greenfield who were both tenaciously competing for the lead throughout the race.

Racing returns to Can-Am Speedway July 9th for a full schedule of racing action.


Whitesboro Plow Shop DIRTcar 358 Modified feature:

1 m1 Dave Marcuccilli, 2. 31 Lance Willix, 3. 62 Tim Sears, 4. 25r Erick Rudolph, 5. 19 Tim Fuller, 6. 66x Carey Terrance, 7. 9 Tyler Meeks, 8. 66m Mike Maresca, 9. 1 Jackson Gill, 10. js98 Rocky Warner, 11. 23L Cameron Black, 12. 7s Shaun Shaw, 13. 39 Ryan Bartlett, 14. 18jr Louie Jackson, 15. 45r Preston Forbes, 16. 29jh Joel Hall, 17. 55 Matt Woodruff, 18. 28 Jordan McCreadie, 19. 21 Frankie Caprara, 20. 66w Derek Webb, 21. 49 Billy Dunn, 22. 20 Kyle Inman, 23. 29j Jeff Sykes, 24. 1 Robert Delormier, 25. 27 Dylan Zacharias, 26. 27 Nick Webb

Bob Johnson Auto Group DIRTcar Sportsman feature:

1. 64 Tyler Corcoran, 2. 33x Matt Janczuk, 3. 1R David Rogers, 4. 410 Mike Fowler, 5. 91 Josh Reome, 6. 34M Tyler Murray, 7. 34N Eric Nier, 8. 3 Chris Mackey, 9. 32rs Ryan Shanahan, 10. 7z Zach Payne, 11. 621 Trevor Gibbons, 12. 7d Dustin Hutton, 13. 83 Dustin Bradley, 14. 18e Gavin Eisele, 15. 1m Jack Meeks, 16. 41 Dalton Rombough, 17. 1r Ricky Thompson, 18. Fox28 Tyler Stevenson, 19. 9 Kristan Smoke, 20. 25g Nick Guerreri, 21. 31b Ryan Dolbear, 22. 2x Mike Amell, 23. 9s Bentley Gray, 24. 57H Remington Hamm, 25. 88 Fire Swamp, 26. 92 Frank Sibley, 27. 6 Brian Hudson, 28. 17j Brent Joy, 29. 18G Justin Gadbaw, 30. 99R Anthony Rasmussen DQ

Marsha Gibbons TLC Realty ThunderStock feature:

1. 22f Tony Frezzo, 2. 16 Steve Smith, 3. 11a Mike Greenfield, 4. 111 Francis White, 5. 272 Justin Pope, 6. 17 Zac Petrie, 7. 111J AJ St. Mary, 8. 11J Justin Burns, 9. 22 Zac McCauley, 10. 3d Kevin Duffany, 11. 97 David Liscolm, 12. 25 Tyler Collette, 13. 14d Scott Duffany, 14. 22j Jared Gilson, 15. 21 Corey Valade-DNF, 16. 60 Tony St. Mary-DNF

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