Jimmy Ryan Celebrated His Second Sportsman Win Of ’21 At Devil’s Bowl Speedway

Information By: JUSTIN ST. LOUIS / DEVIL’S BOWL SPEEDWAY – WEST HAVEN, VT – Shoreham, VT’s Jimmy Ryan celebrated after securing his second Sportsman win of the season Saturday night at Devil’s Bowl Speedway on The Stove Depot Night.

A rough start to the feature knocked six cars out with just one lap complete, leaving Elmo Reckner on his roof (uninjured).

Veteran eriver Ryan took the lead at lap 4 and opened a large gap as the race went uninterrupted the rest of the way. But, Tim LaDuc tracked him down from 20 car lengths away in the final five laps as Ryan’s engine went sour to pull even with Ryan at the finish, falling about six feet short the checkered flag.

The win earned Ryan a guaranteed starting berth in next week’s Vermont 200, but he may defer the position to LaDuc if his engine problems are terminal.

Sportsman Modified – Feature – 30 Laps
1. 60 Jimmy Ryan – Shoreham, VT
2. 54 Tim LaDuc – Orwell, VT
3. 78 Vince Quenneville – Brandon, VT
4. 73 Kevin Chaffee – Bradford, VT
5. 51 Justin Comes – Middlebury, VT

O’Reilly Auto Parts Limited Sportsman – Feature – 25 Laps
1. 13 Troy Audet – Bridport, VT
2. 51 Austin Comes – Middlebury, VT
3. 69 Dakota Green – Cambridge, NY
4. 00 Beau Reeves – Plattsburgh, NY
5. 60 Randy Ryan – Orwell, VT
SUMMARY: Championship contenders Austin Comes and Troy Audet once again chased each other from deep starting positions through heavy traffic to land up front. Audet, who came from 18th, passed Dakota Green to lead the final five laps. Unofficially, Audet holds a lead of just four points over Comes in the title hunt.

Super Stock – Feature – 20 Laps
1. M7 Chris Murray – Fair Haven, VT
2. 55 Andrew FitzGerald – West Rutland, VT
3. 2X Josh Bussino – Fair Haven, VT
4. 3B Paul Braymer – Granville, NY
5. 22 Mark Norris – Benson, VT
SUMMARY: Chris Murray continued his domination of the Super Stock class, winning for the ninth time in 2021.

Mini Stock – Feature – 15 Laps
1. 1X Austin McKirryher – Proctor, VT
2. 27 Adam Mahoney – Rutland, VT
3. 27X Brian Blake – Cornwall, VT
4. 6 Scott Chandler – Pittsford, VT
5. 78 Chris Conroy – Newport, NH
SUMMARY: Rookies ruled the Mini Stock division’s “A” Feature race, with Austin McKirryher taking the lead from fellow freshman Adam Mahoney with five laps reaminiing. McKirryher held on for the first win of his career.

Friend Construction 500cc Mini Sprint – Feature – 15 Laps
1. 42JR Kamden Duffy – Richmond, NH
2. 11A Gage Provencer – Bridport, VT
3. 67 Kevin Smith – Brandon, VT
4. 17 Kaidin White – Monkton, VT
5. 73 Vern Woodard – Fair Haven, VT
SUMMARY: Kamden Duffy, 13, ran to his fifth win of the season in convincing fashion. Rookie Gage Provencher, 11, matched his best effort as the runner-up.

Enduro Series – Feature – 50 Laps

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