RPW Column: Jordan Sheehan’s Hard Work Pays Off For Full-Fender Racers At OCFS’s Eastern States Weekend

Column By: MIKE TRAVERSE / RPW – MIDDLETOWN, NY – Since 2008. Jordan Sheehan has always been busy this time of year. That was the first Eastern States Weekend that he had the idea to get the Pro Stocks in on the lap money and contingency awards similar to what the Big Blocks and 358 Small Blocks would receive at Eastern States Weekend.

A pleasant and an always great to talk to person, Jordan would go ahead with the yearly ritual to see the Pro Stocks and later the Street Stocks would get some extra money at ESW. As he got more involved with the sport by taking on other duties, he has made many friends in the sport.

Those friendships were vital in getting the Pro Stocks back to OCFS in 2021 after a many years absence. Jordan was the driving force, making calls to drivers to gauge the interest in coming back to OCFS to join the World of Outlaws Late Models in a race event this past August 19.

That show went off so well with the Pro Stocks, that they will be back for Eastern States Weekend on Sunday.

“Jordan Sheehan did such a great job with the earlier event, organizing the competitors and such,” Orange County Fair Speedway General Manager Doug Dulgarian said recently. “They did a nice job and were well supported. We are glad to have them back for Eastern States Weekend.”

“I got started doing this in 2008. I asked Mike Gurda if I could put together some lap money for the Pro Stocks. And he said sure. When the Pro Stocks left, I started doing it for the Street Stocks as I was friends with many of them,” Jordan said. “I have always loved the full fender divisions and it’s a great development to have both the Pro Stocks and Street Stocks back for Eastern States Weekend.”

In addition to his ESW work, Jordan is a busy person behind the scenes. He has been a long time writer for the speedway program, the Hard Clay along with other racing media sources he has done writing for. He has done publicity for Richard Smith, Jimmy Devitt, Brett Weslowski and the recently retired from racing Livy Johnson. He also does work with Jake Meier, doing publicity for OCFS and the speedway’s social media accounts. And he will be busy this weekend with lineups and such.

In addition to the individual lap money, there are some great bonuses available for both races this weekend.

In the Pro Stocks, former racer and now a well known vintage car owner, Jerry Wildrick along with his business Fredon Development Industries of Newton, NJ and Jerry’s wife’s business, Salon Bleu of Augusta, NJ, have posted 2 bonuses. It will be $300 for the Pro Stock Hard Charger and $300 for the halfway bonus. The Northeast Racing Happy Hour with Predmore and Murns is putting up $250 for qualifying winners. Always Hair will sponsor $100 for the Rookie of the Race. And Quick Time will have $100 from JACR Chassis.

And over in the Street Stocks, FDI and Salon Bleu are again participating with a $250 Hard Charger. A great friend of racing, Stephen Keeler’s Rock Fantasy has a $200 Halfway Bonus. Frank Frasco Home Inspections is having an $100 Hard Luck Award. And Always Hair is again doing an $100 Rookie of the Race.

Many thanks goes out to those who have put up the individual lap money and extra bonuses.

Jordan Sheehan is one of those unsung people, their work goes on behind the scenes. But what he does for racers and racing is certainly appreciated by those who know him. I’m sure that many racers, teams and fans will join me in saying, “Thank you for all you do Jordan.”

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