Willy Decker, Bobby Varin Earn Front Row For Dutch Hoag Memorial Saturday Night At Outlaw

Story By: STEVEN OVENS / OUTLAW SPEEDWAY – DUNDEE, NY – Willy Decker has had very limited laps around Outlaw Speedway prior to Friday night. But one good night at the track has landed Decker the pole position for Saturday afternoon’s 10th Annual Dutch Hoag Memorial.

A tacky and technical track didn’t stop the smooth, slick surface ace from taking the race lead from Derrick Podsiadlo early in the event. Once securing the lead, Decker searched for the fast way arounf the “Fast Four-Tenths-Mile” and settled in on the bottom.

Behind Decker was Fonda, NY pilot Bobby Varin, who stormed through the Top 5 with urgency knowing that it was the Top 2 or bust on this night. Varin would find his way to second place and secured the outside pole for Saturday’s $5,000-to-win finale.

Jordan Thomas locked up the 2021 A-Verdi Storage Containers Patriot Sprint Tour series championship with a win of his own on Friday night. Thomas survived a wild one that saw two separate two-car flips and a few yellows sprinkled in as well.

Lucas Wolfe was going for four Outlaw wins in a row on this night and drew the pole position for the event. While Wolfe took the race lead after a scary red flag for the flipping Davie Franek and Jonathan Preston, it was Thomas who hooked the bottom lane in Turns 3 and 4 to take the lead with a wicked slidejob off four.

Once taking the lead in thrilling fashion, Thomas took control of the race and set the pace for the remainder of the event. Derek Locke and Parker Evans survived on this night to take the remainder of the podium spots.

Bad luck struck Paulie Colagiovanni, Kyle Drum and Denny Peebles on a late yellow. Colagiovanni and Drum crashed together trying to miss a car in trouble in Turn 2. When the yellow flag came out, Peebles entered Turn 1 in smoke and dropped a large amount of fluid on the surface- ending his night.

The Patriot Sprint Tour will return next weekend to complete their generator fire-shortened Feature event from September.

The Sportsman dashes handed out two redraw starting spots a piece and one lucky draw driver to get a guaranteed starting spot for Saturday afternoon. It was a youth movement on Friday in the Sportsman as Kaiden Dgien and Payton Talbot took home wins in their dashes.

Dgien took the early race lead from polesitter Nicole Hoag and had the field well under control for the entire race. The race for second was a dandy between Brandon Butler and Dale Welty in his famous 1-2-3. Welty gave Butler everything he had for second but fell just one spot shy of earning a Saturday redraw spot. Ajay Potrzebowski Jr. earned the guaranteed starting spot finishing fourth.

Talbot on the other hand, didn’t get to set it on cruise control. Talbot, who had never laid eyes on Outlaw Speedway prior to Friday night, started in the fifteenth spot and sliced his way through the field to get to the Top 5. Once inside the Top 5 spots, Talbot had to learn the fast way around the Tyler Siri-owned facility on the fly.

The very tricky outside cushion was left open to Talbot and he took it and ran with it. Talbot rode the cushion all the way to runner up spot behind race leader “The Iceman” Steve Gray. Gray is no stranger to Fall season success at Outlaw and went toe-to-toe with the young prodigy for the dash win. Talbot threw a high-low switch on Gray going into Turn 3 that paid off with the race lead and the dash win. Gray would secure a redraw spot Saturday finishing second. The random draw would see AJ Lloyd earn a guaranteed starting spot for Saturday’s $5,000-to-win show.

Glenn Whritenour took the Street Stock Dash #1 field to the woodshed for 15 laps. Whritenour lapped up to the sixth-place car at race’s end. Proving he will be a contender for Saturday’s Empire 100. He and Gene Sharpsteen will both be in Saturday’s redraw. Branden Morseman finished sixth and earned a Guaranteed Starting spot for the Empire 100.

The second Street Stock Dash was dominated early by CJ Guererri in a new-to-him racecar after purchasing a ride off of the Mike Welch team. But a flat right rear tire for Guererri would see an unexpected trip to the hot pit lane for the 2015 Empire 100 Winner.

This handed the lead over to Bradford Speedway promoter Dennis Cummings who powered his way to the Dash victory. Jared Hill made it exciting to get to third from his ninth starting spot. Trevor Dudley was running second but ran into a flat tire of his own to give the final redraw spot to Hill. By virtue of finishing fifth, former Woodhull 100 Winner Gene Balmer earned a guaranteed starting spot in Saturday’s Empire 100.

Teddy Morseman scored the win in the $1,000-to-win 4-Cylinder feature, making a rare appearance in a 4-Cylinder driving his son’s No. 44. Bradford and McKean County regular Andrew Kramer had the car to beat, but lost power with six laps to go. Corky Grant, Cody Morehouse, Tony Dickerson and Jeremy Trank completed the Top 5.

Next on the schedule for Outlaw Speedway is Day 2 of the 10th Annual Dutch Hoag Memorial at the “Fast Four-Tenths Mile.” On top is the championship events for the Modifieds, Sportsman, Street Stock Empire 100, Hobby Stocks, 4-Cylinders, IMCA Modifieds and 600cc Modifieds.


MODIFIEDS 15-Lap DASH (Top 2 to the Front Row for Saturday) (17 cars): WILLY DECKER, BOBBY VARIN, Erick Rudolph, Derrick Podsiadlo, Danny Johnson, Alex Payne, Eldon Payne Jr., Tyler Siri, Cory Costa, Jim LaRock, Adam Hilton, Alan Johnson, Jeff Lawrence, Aiden Grover, Eric Williams, Scott Boudinot, DNS: Walt Chyrywaty

PATRIOT SPRINT TOUR 360 SPRINT CARS 30-Lap A-Main (20 cars): JORDAN THOMAS (2021 PST Series Champion), Derek Locke, Parker Evans, Jared Zimbardi, Dave Axton, Darryl Ruggles, Johnny Smith, Lucas Wolfe, Denny Peebles, Kyle Drum, Paulie Colagiovanni, Ryan Stillwaggon, Tyler Graves, Brian Preston, Mike Koehler, Travis Billington, Floyd Billington, Dylan Swiernik, Davie Franek, Jonathan Preston

SPORTSMAN 15-Lap DASH #1 (Top 2 to Saturday’s Redraw, 4th place Guaranteed Starter) (22 cars): KAIDEN DGIEN, BRANDON BUTLER, Dale Welty, AJAY POTRZEBOWSKI JR., Mark Potter, Daryl Krebbs, Dalton Rombough, Nicole Hoag, Blake Parsons, Tommy Collins, Justice Mayo, Brent Ayers, Randy Chrysler, Chris Fisher, Austin Susice, Brian Fish, Willy Decker Jr., Karl Comfort, Kyle Richner, Rob Humphies, Brandon Grover, Alex Payne

SPORTSMAN 15-Lap DASH #2 (Top 2 to Saturday’s Redraw, 9th place Guaranteed Starter) (22 cars): PAYTON TALBOT, STEVE GRAY, Tim Guild, Ben Feldman, Kenny Peoples Jr., Steve Davis, Christian Zschuche, Dalton Martin, AJ Lloyd, Ed Downing, Tommy Paine, Allison Teed, Noah Walker, Stacy Jackson, Gregg Crooker, Frank Guererri, Zac McDonald, Bryan Rhodes, Austin Germinio, DNS: Adam Hilton, Ajay Potrzebowski Sr.

STREET STOCK 15-Lap DASH #1 (Top 2 to Saturday’s Redraw, 6th place Guaranteed Starter) (16 cars): GLENN WHRITENOUR, GENE SHARPSTEEN, Sherman Gage, Rich Green, Chuck Winslow, BRANDEN MORSEMAN, Brian Knowles, Marc Minutolo, Nick Dandino, Carl Cleveland, Marcus Springer, Rick Crego, Ray Hyer, Jimmy Grant, Adam Depuy, Brett Marlatt

STREET STOCK 15-Lap DASH #2 (Top 2 to Saturday’s Redraw, 5th place Guaranteed Starter) (16 cars): DENNIS CUMMINGS, JARED HILL, Ted Morseman, CJ Guererri, GENE BALMER, Aaoron Miller, Lenny Miller, Dave Matwiejow, Jesse Tuthill, John Burritt, Trevor Dudley, Dylan Cecce, Brian Lloyd, Roland Duell, Kurt Stebbins, Chris Force

$1,000-to-win 4-CYLINDERS 25-Lap A-Main (29 cars): TED MORSEMAN, Brian “Corky” Grant, Cody Morehouse, Tony Dickerson, Jeremy Trank, Russell Morseman, Chris Shelley, Lee Fritz, Pete Johnson, Steve Perkins Sr., Jeff Lafler, Brian Melcher, Travis Southard, Craig DeCamp, Jeff Moore, Dan Valada, Matthew Haskins, Andrew Kramer, Kenneth Evans, Stan Matthews, Ian Paul, Justin Pope, Josh Torrence, Matt Irwin, Rocco Conte, Corey Valada, Brian Avery, Mike Stone, DNS: Nick Hawthorne

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