Ronnie Johnson Takes Iron Man Late Model “Gobbler” At Boyd’s Speedway

Story By: BOYDS SPEEDWAY – RINGGOLD, GA – Wow is all you can say about the 2021 Gobbler at Boyd’s this week with record shattering 266 cars signed in , in 8 divisions!

Temperatures were not enough to hold off the fans and drivers from the Gobbler this year, at Boyd’s Speedway nor did it affect the racing one bit.

With 8 divisions running it was the B Hobby’s who rolled out for the first feature, Lee Brady from Knoxville Tenn had been fastest in hot lap qualifying and nothing changed as he led wire to wire to pick up the win.

A Feature (15 Laps): 1. 31-Brady Lee[1]; 2. 42-Jason Brown[7]; 3. 01-Dylan Johnson[2]; 4. 51X-Pete Wright[3]; 5. A13-Austin Byrd[5]; 6. 19-Jim Gilbert[4]; 7. 25-Lamar Hughes[9]; 8. 19T-Tommy Gilbert[6]; 9. 8-Brandon Francis[10]; 10. 48-Michael Brooks[8]; 11. 43-Adrian Williams[11]; 12. 34-Jason Emahiser[20]; 13. 4-Adrian Smith[13]; 14. 1S-Cody Satterfield[16]; 15. 104-Chris Willams[15]; 16. 98-Bradnon Blevins[17]; 17. (DNS) C4-Cameron Hawkins; 18. (DNS) 10-Johnny Hughes; 19. (DNS) 1-Cody Moffett; 20. (DNS) 4DD-Chris Morrison

The 604 Crates were next out and what a race it was, Booger Brooks from Chickamaugua Ga and The Chattanooga Flash Ronnie Johnson sitting on the front row, when they took the green Brooks jumped to an early lead, with Johnson hot in his heels but the 148 car was just a better on this night as Brook captured his 27th win of the year, with Johnson second.

A Feature (30 Laps): 1. 85-Booger Brooks[1]; 2. 5J-Ronnie Johnson[2]; 3. B00-Josh Henry[6]; 4. 9S-Zach Sise[4]; 5. P4-Jesse Lowe[3]; 6. 73-Trevor Sise[9]; 7. 07-Jason Cardwell[5]; 8. 711-Morgan Alexander[11]; 9. 171-Kyle Courtney[8]; 10. B1-Braxton Barbra[14]; 11. 17B-Chip Brindle[7]; 12. 1P-Andy Picklesimer[10]; 13. 0-Kenny Kizzar[12]; 14. 40-John Cobb[20]; 15. 17H-Steven Holcolmb[13]; 16. 38-Kasey Hall[17]; 17. 144-Josh Collins[15]; 18. 98-Eric Centers[22]; 19. 21-Jason Lively[19]; 20. 3-Maddux Mullinax[23]; 21. 5-Tyler Nichols[21]; 22. 317-Mike Bargo[24]; 23. 118-Brody Sharp[16]; 24. 22T-Tim Clark[18]

the Sportsman 602’s rolled out and again it was the local hot shoe Booger Brooks dominating in qualifying and the race taking home win number 28 for the year.

A Feature (20 Laps): 1. 148-Booger Brooks[1]; 2. T21-Sawyer Tinker[2]; 3. 9-Cass Fowler[3]; 4. S7-Matt Steward[6]; 5. 52-Hayden Swaney[5]; 6. 66-Taylor Cole[4]; 7. 3-Braxton Barbra[9]; 8. 25-David Singleton[14]; 9. 711-Eric Hughes[10]; 10. 20-Larry Higgins[15]; 11. C11-Cody Courtney[7]; 12. 30-Spencer Singleton[20]; 13. 03-Dante Curtis[12]; 14. 426-Dylan Cole[22]; 15. 12-Jermey Broome[8]; 16. 9P-Dillon Peterman[17]; 17. P7-Dylan Perry[19]; 18. 14-Charles Devine[23]; 19. 87Z-Zane Littleton[24]; 20. 14B-Cade Brookshire[16]; 21. 15-Noah Phillips[11]; 22. J1-Justin Winters[13]; 23. 2-Dustin Bunch[21]; 24. J21-Justin Begley[18]

The Valvoline Iron Man Series, rolled out for the $5000 to win 40 lapper and local track Champion Ethan Hunter who was stepping up to Supers from Crates led early doing battle with Ronnie Johnson often before his engine let go and Johnson took over leading with Jensen Ford right there in second, but the long greens worked to Johnson’s favor as he took the Ford powered Capital Race sponsored by Chattanooga Valley Auto Parts to Victory lane.

A Feature (40 Laps): 1. 5-Ronnie Johnson[1]; 2. 83-Jensen Ford[4]; 3. 44-Chase King[3]; 4. 23-Corey Hedgecock[7]; 5. 109-Eli Beets[5]; 6. 91-Heath Hindman[12]; 7. 16W-Cameron Weaver[21]; 8. H31-Robby Mason[16]; 9. 44D-Dalton Cook[15]; 10. T6-Tod Hernandez[17]; 11. 16-Sam Seawright[8]; 12. 8J-Jadon Frame[10]; 13. 8-David Payne[19]; 14. 26-Josh Hall[22]; 15. 86-Jeff Neubert[23]; 16. 17K-Kyler Haygood[20]; 17. 1P-Andy Picklesimer[14]; 18. 3-Steve Smith[24]; 19. 15-Christian Hanger[13]; 20. 12-Ethan Hunter[2]; 21. 46-Chris Jones[6]; 22. 53-Ray Cook[9]; 23. 66R-Jordan Rodabaugh[11]; 24. 18-David Seibers[18]

The BeuceBuilt Open Wheel Modifieds were next out and with close racing and lots of 3 and 4 wide on the super smooth surface at Boyd’s at the end it was Brandon Kinzer taking home the $1200 prize money.

A Feature (20 Laps): 1. 18-Brandon Kinzer[2]; 2. 56-Michael Asberry[1]; 3. 50-Amos Bunch[5]; 4. 20-Tommy Bailey[7]; 5. 14-Skylar Douglas[10]; 6. 13-David Clark[9]; 7. J4-Tyler James[11]; 8. 88-Justin Parker[14]; 9. 69-Tim Patrick[13]; 10. J22-Seth Johnston[6]; 11. 102-Kyle Shadden[15]; 12. 13P-Sarah Patrick[17]; 13. 12-Bo Allison[16]; 14. 4-Wayne James[4]; 15. J2-Larry James[19]; 16. 43J-Jacob Hall[3]; 17. 70-AJ Garber[12]; 18. 21-Dusty Branscum[8]; 19. 7S-Tyler Strickland[18]

The Pony cars rolled out racing for the l,argest ever purse at Boyd’s for the pony cars $2000 to the winner, the SM4MA Sanctioned event put on a super show with close racing but at the end it was JJ Garrett who set fast time in Qualifying taking the checkered as well

A Feature (20 Laps): 1. 47-JJ Garrett[1]; 2. 25-Derek Duggan[4]; 3. D1-Nathan Davis[6]; 4. 1C-Koty Campbell[8]; 5. C11-Michael Courtney[23]; 6. 51-Dan Duggan[3]; 7. 1-Freddie Smith[12]; 8. 27-Shane Workman[7]; 9. 01-Jason James[13]; 10. 11-Paden Watson[20]; 11. 14-Michael Fitzgerald[22]; 12. 247-Peyton Merritt[9]; 13. 214-Dylan Baus[15]; 14. P11-Joey Payne[14]; 15. N8-Nathan Crowden[17]; 16. 44-Scott Moon[11]; 17. 69-Ricky Bobby[10]; 18. 85-Christopher Pinkard[18]; 19. 71-Brian Morris[21]; 20. K0-Caylan Kettle[5]; 21. 03-Cody Hill[24]; 22. 0G-BRIAN SMITH[16]; 23. (DNS) 37-Donnie Turpin; 24. (DNS) 328-Ricky Harmon

The Front Wheel Drive Division showed up in force with 40 cars going after 24 starting spots in the feature, and Dustin Duncan who has a couple wins at Boyds already this year taking home the win to wrap up the year.

A Feature (15 Laps): 1. 21-Dustin Duncan[2]; 2. 1-Jacob Sharp[5]; 3. S6-Billy Bailey[1]; 4. 717-Cody Rector[3]; 5. 13-Ryan Harness[4]; 6. A93-Nathan Adams[9]; 7. S7-JOSH SCEALF[7]; 8. 717X-Amelia McClain[8]; 9. 731-Tyler Walton[10]; 10. 22-Anthony Brock[16]; 11. 3-Jason Young[14]; 12. 17-Raymond Fuson[13]; 13. X-Zack Carlson[22]; 14. 68-Neal Drummond[21]; 15. 21B-Dusty Branstetter[6]; 16. R13-Zachery Roderick[24]; 17. 39-Joseph Gill[19]; 18. 20-Tiff Stephens[20]; 19. 51-Doug McClain[17]; 20. 12-Richard Clowers[18]; 21. 3C-Savanna Merriman[23]; 22. K88-Alex Cope[15]; 23. (DNS) 6-Jack Gresham; 24. (DNS) 99-Shaun Harper

Boyds left it up to the fans vote on the last class of the night and the fans spoke up wanting to see another Enduro, so $1000 was put on the line for 100 laps and in the end it was Corey Vickers from Cookville TN taking the win

A Feature (100 Laps): 1. 7-Corey Vickers[15]; 2. 14-Billy Hogan[8]; 3. 20L-JOSH LEMELY[18]; 4. 31-tyler levy[3]; 5. 21-Travis Banther[6]; 6. 6-Jack Gresham[12]; 7. N90-Nick Adams[17]; 8. 83X-BIlly Smith Jr[11]; 9. 97-Frank Clark[26]; 10. 1C-Colt Deverell[31]; 11. J6-Josh Campbell[13]; 12. 30-Braxton Coffman[19]; 13. M3-Michael Campbell[27]; 14. 00-Jennifer Mcbryar[5]; 15. 13X-Randy Lavender[28]; 16. 828-Jason Coates[1]; 17. 27-Steve Eddington[22]; 18. 71-Randy Bailey[16]; 19. 22-Jonathan Allen[4]; 20. 20-Eric Henry[2]; 21. 26-Jerry Coffman[20]; 22. 4T-Jason Cook[32]; 23. 67-Michael Moshier[10]; 24. 01-David Stonebrooke[23]; 25. 69-Ryan Maston[24]; 26. 9-STEVEN COOK[9]; 27. 43-Garrett Loyd[25]; 28. 3-Joseph Smith[29]; 29. 28-Michael Brooks[33]; 30. 69H-Marcus Huston[14]; 31. F1-Rodeny Ferguson[30]; 32. E733-Robert Gravitt[7]; 33. (DNS) 100-Frankie Friddell

The 266 cars that signed in shattered the old record of 206 set last year at the Cabin Fever Race, and wrapped up an amazing year for Boyd’s, setting the bar high as Boyd’s heads into it’s 70th season in 2022 with the Cabin Fever Race at the end of January.

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