Super Bowl Of Vintage Racing To Take Center Stage At Lake View Motor Speedway: North Meets South “Vintage Royale”

Story By: MOHAWK VALLEY VINTAGE DIRT MODIFIED SERIES – FULTONVILLE, NY – Mohawk Valley Vintage Dirt Modified Series promotor Laurie Fallis is thrilled to announce that the Vintage World will be traveling and coming together “South of the Border” 4/10th, red clay racing facility of Lake View Motor Speedway that resides in Nichols, SC.

“This is a wonderful opportunity and experience that will take place February 2nd through the 5th. There will be two days of open practice, then the fun really begins on Friday night when the Vintage stars come out and begin there two big days of exciting and entertaining vintage racing for the Vintage enthusiast and the fans of the South.”

Thanks to upstate New York natives, co-promotors Timmy Clemons and Scott Tripp drivers will be getting plenty of track time at their beautiful speedplant. Warmups, Heats and features will be on tap for the two days of racing.

The “Vintage Royale” will also be a part of the DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds “South of the Border Showdown.”

“When approached from Clemons and Tripp about having a race that detailed having the MVVDMS cars come down and run races vs the Bell and Bell club, I must say I was skeptical with different cars and different rule packages.” I had stated.

We then thought, this is Vintage racing…it’s about having fun representing our history of our racings past. And my favorite…meeting new friends and collaborating with groups that shares the same passion of Keeping The Memories Of The Racing Past Alive.

So! With them thoughts should one Series or club go against each other? Let’s look at it in a different direction and open it up to the Vintage World (meaning all Series and Clubs are welcome) and see if the intrest would be there.

Our goal was to hopefully get 20 cars when this event was in the makings.

After seeing the response when the race was advertised…that number is looking to double! “The intrest has been fantastic! We have been contacted by many vintage groups and drivers from all over the country thats willing to make this trip to join in on some early 2022 vintage racing fun.”

This will be something special for all the Vintage world to be a part of. If anyone is interested In participating please contact Laurie Fallis through social media for information or email at

Pack your bags, load your racecars were going “South of the Border” racing… VINTAGE STYLE!

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