‘Fall Frenzy 200’ $1,500-To-Win Event Caps Three-Race Series At Oswego Kartway In ’22

Story By: DAN KAPUSCINSKI / OSWEGO KARTWAY – OSWEGO, NY – A promotional partnership between Jason Simmons Racing and Dan Kapuscinski Motorsports Promotions will see Oswego Kartway re-open in 2022 for three events, including the $1,500 to win ‘Fall Frenzy 200’ for PRO Clone 360 racers.

The three-race ‘King of the Kartway’ Series will be contested on Friday, August 12, Thursday, September 1 and Friday, September 23 with points accumulated to determine champions across seven points divisions. Points divisions include Jr. Red Clone, Jr. Green Clone, Jr. Purple Clone, Jr. Blue Clone, Clone Light, Clone Heavy and Clone Super Heavy.

Each event will also include a special PRO Clone 360 main paying $250 to win on August 12, $500 to win on September 1 and $1,500 to win on September 23.

“Oswego Kartway is where so many Oswego Speedway racers got their start,” said Jason Simmons Racing owner, Jason Simmons. “Thanks to John and Eric Torrese, I am in a position to help keep the Kartway moving forward in 2022. With the help of Dan Kapuscinski and DKMP, I think we will be able to provide three very exciting events for racers and fans this season.”

The Friday, August 12 ‘Battle at the Bullring’ will open the ‘King of the Kartway’ series with all seven points divisions in action. The 25-lap, $250 to win, PRO Clone 360 feature will conclude the night, kick starting the qualifying process for the ‘Fall Frenzy 200’.

The always exciting ‘Kartway Classic’ will be featured on Thursday, September 1 with more points racing as well as the 50-lap, $500 to win, PRO Clone 360 finale. At the conclusion of this race, the Top 2 drivers in PRO Clone 360 points from August 12 and September 1 will be locked onto the front row of the 200-lap, $1,500 to win, ‘Fall Frenzy 200’.

The ‘Fall Frenzy 200’ will conclude the series on Friday, September 23. All seven points divisions will crown champions on this night, followed by the 16-kart ‘Fall Frenzy 200’ for PRO Clone 360, which will see caution flag laps count in the longest race ever run at Oswego Kartway.

“Oswego Kartway is an important piece of the Central New York karting puzzle and I am proud to work alongside Jason to bring three events to the Bullring this season,” said Dan Kapuscinski Motorsports Promotions founder, Dan Kapuscinski.

More details will be available soon, including opportunities for series and event sponsorship.

Friday, August 12
Battle at the Bullring
Seven Points Classes
$250 to win PRO Clone 360, 25-laps

Thursday, September 1
Kartway Classic
Seven Points Classes
$500 to win PRO Clone 360, 50-laps

Friday, September23
Fall Frenzy 200
Seven Points Classes
$1,500 to win ‘Fall Frenzy 200’ for PRO Clone 360, 200-laps (cautions count)

Points Classes (Burris 33 Tire Mandatory for All Classes)
Jr. Red Clone | Small Pipe, Drum Clutch (5-7 yrs., 225 lbs.)
Jr. Green Clone | Big Pipe, Drum Clutch (7-9 yrs., 250 lbs.)
Jr. Purple Clone | Big Pipe, Drum Clutch (9-13 yrs., 275 lbs.)
Jr. Blue Clone | Big Pipe, Drum Clutch (12-15 yrs., 310 lbs.)
Clone Light | Big Pipe, Open Clutch (15 & up, 340 lbs.)
Clone Heavy | Big Pipe, Open Clutch (15 & up, 375 lbs.)
Clone Super Heavy | Big Pipe, Open Clutch (15 & up, 400 lbs. – Driver 200 lbs. w/gear)

PRO Clone 360 (Burris 33 Tire Mandatory): Big Pipe, Open Clutch (15 & up, 360 lbs.)

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