Greg Martin & Ryan Susice Joining Go Kart Race Night Staff At Ransomville Speedway

Story By: STEVEN PETTY / RANSOMVILLE SPEEDWAY – RANSOMVILLE, NY – The SANY New York/Burris Racing go-kart program at the “Little R” will have stars from the “Big R” leading the team in 2022. Krown Undercoating 358 Modified drivers and Ransomville “Hot Wheels” Greg Martin and “The Renegade” Ryan Susice has been named the head starter and race director for the season at the Little R.

Both are not strangers to the go-kart program at Ransomville. Both Martin and Susice raced at the Little R while growing up and honed the skills that they gained to race against arguably the toughest field of weekly 358 Modifieds in the northeast week in and week out.

Greg Martin filled in as the starter at the midway point of the 2021 campaign and has agreed to come back to be the starter in 2022. “I started racing in the kart program in its first year under the leadership of the Sherwood, Tracey, and Friesen families,” Martin said. “They all worked hard to make it a success.” “As the starter, I want to focus on teaching the kids the proper way to race, a style that’s conducive to good racing and minimal contact,” Martin said. “I am hoping to teach the kids that this time is the time to learn everything you can, be involved in the kart if you want to do this for a long time you have to love it.” Martin continued to say, “racing is one of the sports you don’t have to give up after school, you can do this as long as you want if you love it. This sport isn’t like a school sport where parents come later and cheer from the stands. In most cases, they ride to and from the track together and the parents are part of the team.”

“The karting program at Ransomville was a big part of my childhood and what really sparked my passion for the sport,” comments go-kart race director Ryan Susice. “Being able to pass along some of what I’ve learned to the next generation of Ransomville drivers is something I’m really looking forward to,” Susice continued. “The position of Race Director is going to be a big change for me as I have only ever been on the other side of the visor. With the help of Greg Martin and the rest of the staff at Ransomville I feel like we can continue to grow the Karting program and continue to have up and coming drivers for the big track on Fridays. The ultimate goal is to help teach the youth of our sport about racing and all the joy that comes with it. As well as provide a fair and competitive place for our drivers to race,” Susice said.

2022 registration cards, minor release forms, and the 2022 schedule will be released and should be received next week for drivers that signed up in 2021.

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