Empire Super Sprints Makes Adjustment To ’22 Rules Book About Non-Spec Chevrolet Heads

Story By: EMPIRE SUPER SPRINTS – SYRACUSE, NY – In an effort to eliminate a possible competitive advantage produced because of current rules regarding open heads in the Empire Super Sprints 2022 Rule Book, the ESS Board of Directors have voted to remove the following paragraph from section G.4.3 under Non spec Chevy heads:

Restrictors for all other open Head: 1 7/8 inch maximum inside diameter of injector stack – 1.875 at least 1” in length of restriction for restrictor. There is no tolerance. These Infector restrictors must be used with any non ASCS legal spec cylinder heads. No relief hole may be drilled above the Butterfly on any injector. No Alteration of injector manifold mounting holes will be allowed. No ASCS Restrictor gasket is needed with this option. ASCS gasket or this restrictor would be mandatory on any NON-ASCS Legal head.

The original intent and or spirit of this portion of the rule was to allow competitors running 358’s to be able to run the gaskets and restrictors to be able to compete. Now with the restrictor gaskets no longer available along with the development of newer heads on the market it was felt that ESS should move to ASCS legal heads only. This change will not prohibit 305 engines from competition they may be looked at on a case-by-case basis and are already handicapped at the back of their heat races.

Note: While this rule change voted by the ESS Board of Directors goes into effect immediately, it will go before the membership for permanent vote at our Annual Rules Meeting scheduled for Saturday November 12, 2022.

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