Jason Shultz Takes URC Sprint Car A-Main Win Saturday At Port Royal Speedway

Story By: JUSTIN SNYDER / PORT ROYAL SPEEDWAY – PORT ROYAL, PA – For the second consecutive season, Jason Shultz piloted the Ritter Racing No. 35 360 Sprint Car to an April victory with the United Racing Club at Port Royal Speedway.

The win was worth $2000 and came over a pair of hard charging competitors in Ryan Smith and Anthony Macri. The win marks 12 consecutive URC triumphs at the Speedway by drivers who also regularly compete in the 410 Sprint Car division as well.

Dallas Schott and Shultz led the field to the green flag and while the two battled for the top spot, it was actually third-place starter Macri taking the top spot and credited with leading the opening circuit.

Shultz went to the bottom in turn’s one and two and the pair swapped the lead again in turn’s three and four. Shultz was the leader coming to the flag stand on lap two.

Andy Best got turned around in turn’s one and two to halt racing action with a caution with 20 laps to go. Shultz held off Macri on the restart, while seventh-place starter Smith moved into a podium spot.

Smith and Macri battled hard over the next two laps for the runner-up position, while ninth-place starter Pat Cannon cracked the top five with 15 laps to go.

Shultz approached lapped traffic with 14 laps remaining and with 10 laps to go, both Macri and Smith had closed to piut the top three under a blanket down the backstretch.

Macri gave it his best effort with six laps to go as he got by Shultz for the lead in turn’s three and four, but Shultz again held off the challenge to lead the lap. The move also allowed Smith to take the runner-up position with five laps remaining.

Smith stayed close to Shultz over the final four laps and he stayed close enough to make Shultz work for it, but Shultz was able to hold on for the victory over Smith and Macri. Schott and Cannon rounded out the top five followed by Derek Locke, Briggs Danner, Derek Hauck, Ryan Stillwagon and Adam Carberry in the top 10.

“I didn’t see those guys too much, but they definitely let me know they were there,” said Shultz. “I felt like the rabbit and the dogs were chasing me. I was just running scared out there and to win like this is pretty special for me.”

For Smith, it was just a matter of too little, too late and he was disappointed with the runner-up finish.

“It seems like this car here is really good no matter where we go,” said Smith. “To come up second isn’t bad, but we just ran out of time and needed to start up a little higher.”

URC Sprint Car Feature, 25 Laps: 1. Jason Shultz. 2. Ryan Smith. 3. Anthony Macri. 4. Dallas Schott. 5. Pat Cannon. 6. Derek Locke. 7. Briggs Danner. 8. Derek Hauck. 9. Ryan Stillwaggon. 10. Adam Carberry. 11. Mike Thompson. 12. Ryan Taylor. 13. Devin Adams. 14. Jake Karklin. 15. Andy Best. 16. Ken Meisner. 17. Davie Franek. 18. Josh Weller. 19. Cory Thornton. 20. Will Brunson. 21. Craig Pellegrini. 22. Ed Aiken. 23. Cameron. Merriman. 24. Brian Carber.


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