Jonathan Davenport Takes FloRacing Night In America Wednesday At Brownstown Speedway

Story By: BROWNSTOWN SPEEDWAY – BROWNSTOWN, IN – The FloRacing Night in America Series rolled into the Brownstown Speedway for the second straight year, only this year the race paid $22,022 to win for the “Slicker Graphics” Super Late Models.

A good field of cars and a large crowd was on hand for this event. Blairsville, Georgia’s Jonathan Davenport dominated the 50-lap main event to score the victory.

Davenport would have a good advantage over Bobby Pierce, Mike Marlar, Brandon Overton and NASCAR’s Kyle Larson at the checkers. Ryan Gustin, Brandon Sheppard, Jeremy Shaw, Shane Clanton and Ricky Thorton Jr. rounded out the top ten.

NASCAR’s Chase Briscoe would make his Super Late Model debut but would get caught up in a heat race accident and end his night.

Cole Falloway would hold off Will Krupp to record the win in “US Air Force” Modified feature action.

Trailing Falloway and Krupp at the finish was Derek Groomer, Jordan Wever & John Clippinger.


“Slicker Graphics” Super Late Models (47 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Mike Marlar, Bobby Pierce, Stormy Scott, Brian Shirley, Tim McCreadie, Ricky Thorton Jr., Jason Jameson, Shannon Babb, Tanner English, Scott James, Ross Robinson, Shelby Miles

HEAT TWO: Jonathan Davenport, Ryan Gustin, Payton Freeman, Shane Clanton, Sam Seawright, John Robinson, Daulton Wilson, Zack Dohm, Quentin White, Greg Johnson, Wil Herrington, Dustin Linville-DNS

HEAT THREE: Brandon Overton, Jeremy Shaw, Ashton Winger, Josh Rice, Tyler Erb, Garrett Alberson, Skyller Lewis, Chad Stapleton, Jared Bailey, Zak Blackwood, Keegan Cox, Jeffrey Shackelford

HEAT FOUR: Brandon Sheppard, Hudson O’Neal, Kyle Larson, Spencer Hughes, Devin Gilpin, Jeep Vanwormer, Frank Heckenast Jr., Jon Kirby, Dylan Thompson, Chase Briscoe, Garrett Smith-DNS

B MAIN ONE: Tim McCreadie, Ricky Thorton Jr., Shannon Babb, Jason Jameson, Tanner English, Zack Dohm, Scott James, John Robinson, Dustin Linville, Daulton Wilson, Shelby Miles, Ross Robinson, Sam Seawright, Quentin White, Greg Johnson, Wil Herrington

B MAIN TWO: Devin Gilpin, Garrett Alberson, Tyler Erb, Jeep Vanwormer, Frank Heckenast Jr., Chad Stapleton, Dylan Thompson, Keegan Cox, Zak Blackwood, Jared Bailey, Skyller Lewis, Jon Kirby, Chase Briscoe-DNS, Jeffrey Shackelford-DNS, Garrett Smith-DNS

FEATURE: Jonathan Davenport, Bobby Pierce, Mike Marlar, Brandon Overton, Kyle Larson, Ryan Gustin, Brandon Sheppard, Jeremy Shaw, Shane Clanton, Ricky Thorton Jr., Ashton Winger, Stormy Scott, Garrett Alberson, Spencer Hughes, Tim McCreadie, Hudson O’Neal, Tyler Erb, Payton Freeman, Brian Shirley, Jared Bailey, Josh Rice, Devin Gilpin, Shannon Babb


“US Air Force” Modeifieds (31 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Rick Eckert, Will Krup, Ben Harmon, Jacoby Hines, Jerry Bland Jr., Dustin Golden, Brent Lee, David Woolston, Troy Davis, Trent Lush, John Demoss

HEAT TWO: Cole Falloway, Derek Groomer, Austin Holcombe, Matt Boknecht, Matthew Morris, Jeff Hamby, Brayden Watson, Nathan Voorhies, Jordan Wever, David Winters Jr,

HEAT THREE: Caleb Demoss, John Clippinger, John Baker Jr., Brian Shaw, Nathan Vawter, Lucas Pace, Steve Haefke, Jerry Foster, Bob Sterrett, Mike Bechelli

B MAIN: Brayden Watson, Jordan Wever, Brent Lee, David Woolston, David Winters Jr, Troy Davis, Steve Haefke, Nathan Voorhies, Jerry Foster, Bob Sterrett, Trent Lush, John Demoss, Mike Bechelli

FEATURE: Cole Falloway, Will Krup, Derek Groomer, Jordan Wever, John Clippinger, Austin Holcombe, Matt Boknecht, Rick Eckert, Brayden Watson, Matthew Morris, Dustin Golden, Jeff Hamby, Ben Harmon, Jacoby Hines, John Baker Jr., Lucas Pace, Nathan Vawter, Brian Shaw, Jerry Bland Jr., Caleb Demoss

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