Mid-Atlantic Sprint A-Main Win To Dave Grube Saturday Night At Bridgeport Motorsports Park

Information By: MID-ATLANTIC SPRINT SERIES – SWEDESBORO, NJ – Dave Grube captured the Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series A-Main victory Saturday during night one of the Ron Faison Memorial Weekend at Bridgeport Motorsports Park.

Second was Kevin Nagy followed by Dave Brown, Bob Devault and Chase Moran.

1. Dave Grube, 2. Kevin Nagy, 3. Dave Brown, 4. Bob Devault, 5. Chase Moran, 6. Buddy Schweibinz, 7. Jeff Paulson, 8. Rick Stief, 9.Bryant Davis, 10. DJ Tanner Jr., 11. Kristina Pratt, 12. Rory Janney, 13. Dale Eggert, 14. Andrew Boyer, 15. Jon Scarborough, 16. Justin Nowlen, 17. Cory Hunsberger, 18. Tim Iulg, 19. Eddie Wagner, 20. Josh Bricker, 21. Larry McVay, 22. Samantha Lieberman, 23. John Brennfleck, 24. Rich Janney

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