RPW Column: Craig Von Dohren Added Another Talley To Hall Of Fame Career Saturday At Grandview

Column By: TOM WENNER / RPW – MINERSVILLE, PA – Craig Von Dohren added to his legendary Grandview Speedway career with another Spec 358 Modified victory on Saturday Night.

The victory was the 115th career checkered flag scored by the legendary Oley, Pa Von Dohren.

After scoring the Bruce Rogers Memorial Opening Day Big v. Small Modified Main event, Von Dohren followed up that score by taking the T.P. Trailers NASCAR Spec 358 Modified Series opener. Von Dohren the defending ’20 & ’21 Modified champion will now start his ’22 point championship campaign as the leader heading into a long season of modified racing action at the Grandview Speedway.

With a 3 division show scheduled for racing on Saturday, The Modified division was the 2nd class slated to race their feature event. Open Sportsman started the on-track main events, Spec 358 Mods were 2nd and the 602 Sportsman ended the evening of racing action on the hill.

At the drop of the T.P. Trailers 358 30 Lap main event Craig Von Dohren powered his KL Harring #30 Bicknell into the lead. This was short-lived as the caution flag waved immediately for a slowing Ryan Grim with a flat tire. After a complete restart the green was dropped again and Mike Lisowski powered his M & J Construction #15 Modified into the lead. Craig Von Dohren was 2nd, Strunk 3rd, Buckwalter 4th, Brinker 5th, Kressley 6th and Brightbill 7th.

With two down, Brad Grim took the 23 to the pits.

On lap 5 the caution lights were turned on once again. Jordan Henn was slowing in 1 & 2. Lisowski remained out front with CVD in 2nd, Buckwalter 3rd, Strunk 4th, Kressley 5th, Howard 6th, Brinker in 7th.

After going back green for a lap, the lights came back on for Nate Brinker who got sideways in 3 & 4 and collected Carrol Hines III.

The field was reset and action resumed with Mike Lisowski setting a strong pace. On lap 8 Joe Funk pulled off.

On lap 10 Brett Kressley moved into 4th and the running order was Lisowski continuing to set a strong pace with Von Dohren in 2nd, Strunk 3rd, Kressley 4th, Buckwalter 5th, and Doug Manmiller cracked the Top 5.

The laps were now all green and the racing action was heating up. Von Dohren had run down Lisowksi, and Strunk was right there now. The top 3 were under a blanket racing for the lead. As the field clicked the halfway point of the race CVD made his move and was racing side by side for the lead. Strunk, Lisowski and Kressley were only a car length back from the lead as Lisowski, Strunk and Kressley were 2-3-4 as we hit lap 17.

Craig Von Dohren was now into lap traffic by lap 19 and Strunk was trying to run him down. Lisowski, Kressley, Howard, Buckwalter and Manmiller were the top 7.

As the field hit the 5 to go mark Von Dohren was the leader but Strunk was making a run him and closing in while in lapped traffic. Lisowski, Kressley, Howard and Buckwalter followed.

While Jeff Strunk had closed in on Craig Von Dohren over the final 5 laps, he was not strong enough to make a run at CVD for the win. Craig Von Dohren in the KL Haring / Bruce Brueche & Sons/ V & M Towing Nick Gatto powered Bicknell #30 scored his 115th career Grandview Speedway win over Jeff Strunk 88z, Mike Lisowski 15, Duane Howard 15g, Doug Manmiller 44, Brett Kressley 19k, Tim Buckwalter 23x, Jared Umbenhauer 19, Kevin Hirthler 117, Brad Brightbill 14.

Von Dohren was able to add an extra $300 to his wallet courtesy of T.P. Trailers Modified Bonus and the Dan’s Deli ½ way Bonus award.

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