Ryan Godown Jr. Victorious In Sportsman Feature During Ron Faison Memorial At Bridgeport

Information By: BRIDGEPORT MOTORSPORTS PARK – SWEDESBORO, NJ – Ryan Godown Jr. took home the 602 Sportsman feature event win during night one of the Ron Faison Memorial Weekend at Bridgeport Motorsports Park Saturday evening.

Matt Ellery was runner-up in the feature with Travis Hill, James Hill and Scott Hitchens rounding out the rest of the top five finishers.

Lee Allen captured the companion Street Stock feature event win.

602 SPORTSMAN: 1. Ryan Godown Jr., 2. Matt Ellery, 3. Travis Hill, 4. James Hill, 5. Scott Hitchens, 6. Brandon Edgar, 7. Jim Dallet, 8. Stephen Yankowski, 9. Bubba McPhee, 10. Wayne Weaver, 11. Bobby Watkins, 12. Greg Humlhanz, 13. Brandon Shipley, 14. Adam White, 15. Roger Gaskill, 16. Tom Sherby, 17. Billy Chester, 18. Brian Rodgers, 19. Scott Hulmes, 20. Brandon Watkins, 21. Tom Moore Jr., 22. Michael White, 23. Will Protinick, 24. Chris Martinez, 25. Greg Nailor, 26. Thomas Prychka

STREET STOCKS: 1. Lee Allen, 2. Kyle Saylor, 3. Jeff Dirkes, 4. John Parker, 5. Mike Creamer, 6. Nick Sandone III, 7. Hunter Whitcomb, 8. Keith McKinley

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