New Faces In High Places At Shellhammer’s Dirt Track

Story By: MIKE FELTENBERGER / SHELLHAMMER DIRT TRACK – LEESPORT, PA – Another superior track surface,smooth, dust and rubber free gave the 95 entries multiple racing grooves to choose from and many of them decided to try a different lane for the 1st time Weds. night, creating some early race tangles and some late race drives to the front as another exciting night of racing goes into the record books.

The previously mentioned early race tangles beset the Junior Slingshots right away as 2 cautions slowed the 17 racers up until a run of 9 laps found who the challengers would be after 20 laps.Dylan Hahn wasted no time assuming command with Griffin Hendershot in close pursuit.These 2 were clicking off some solid green flag laps until Parker Hendricks entered the scene,taking a liking to the high side getting past Hendershot with 5 to go and keeping the pressure on Hahn until the 2 lap sign was given.These 2 raced side by side ,corner by corner until Hendricks simply outpowered Hahn to get his 1st win of the season.Hendricks won by .281 seconds over Hahn with Chase Schott getting his 10S on rails the last few laps to notch a strong 3rd over Hendershot at the line.Chase Zimmer got 5th just narrowly ahead of Louis Horvath.Miles Zehner did a remarkable job rebounding from an earlier race incident to charge through the field for 7th as Chase Gular continues to show improvement with each passing week getting 8th in the family owned 53.

Chase Layser has become a title contender in the 125 micro class and last night efforts put the 7L into victory lane after warding off the advances of Easton Miller and AJ Gerhart.A nice stretch of green flag laps found the midpack runners swapping spots in every corner with Chris Dolan and John Maurer’s private battle for 3rd showcasing the incredible racing surface.Maurer stalked Dolan and made the go ahead move as the 2 lap signal was being displayed.Layser won with Gerhart 2nd Maurer 3rd and Dolan 4th.The next 4 spots were anyone’s guess until they got to the finish line.Easton Miller slipped back after his early race front runnings but had enough to nose out one of the new faces on the scene Cooper Schoenly for 5th.Chase Wehr had his 22cw in overdrive to advance 6 spots to 7th from his 13th starting spot.Shane Davis continues to impress as the 13 took an 8th place pay envelope.

It was the Lindsey Garl show in the All Star Slingshots as multi time winner and point leader Jax Yohn had nothing for her as the laps quickly passed by.Early race misfortune struck a few of the pre-race contenders as a turn 2 skirmish took out Tess Horvath,Alex Lagun and Ryan Raidline.Tucker Cole just avoided the incident and soldiered on for a nice 3rd place finish.Getting his best wingless Weds. finish of 4th was George Manion as he just got to the line ahead of 5th place runner Nolen Layser.Luke McCloskey is continually improving in his sharp looking 22M and was rewarded with a 6th place payout for his efforts.Joey Lyle returned to the high banked 1/8th mile to finish .226 seconds ahead of Jason Dunkelberger for 7th.Jason would collect the 8th place money.

No slide jobs were needed to put on a good show in the 600 micros as the Hartman / Barlet show took to the speedway.Polesitter Richie Hartman set sail from the green with James Roselli staying close by,as Dakota Barlet was picking his lines around the speedway and now on the heels of the Hartman driven,Mark Gray owned # 39.These 2 were in another area code but behind them,it was a madhouse with Adam Buchel,who is starting find some luck reversal and Matthew Warner slugging it out with Trevor Koblarz.As these 3 were having their little battle charging from the 16th starting spot was a man on a mission as Aidan Svanda who was a DNF in qualifying action,had the fans cheering him on as he stormed through the field.It was Hartman ahead of Barlet with Warner getting by Buchel for 3rd.Svanda passed 3 cars in the last 2 laps to earn a much deserved 5th place payout.Kobylarz finished 6th with last week winner Dan Lane,Jr. slotting in 7th with Trent Warner getting 8th,just ahead of Aidan Donaldson.

There wasn’t anyone that was going to deny AJ Gerhart his 3rd Stage 1 Modified win of the season,not even 2020 champion Mark Mohr who had his best run of the season for a 2nd place showing.Riley Wanamaker was smooth ,steady and quick keeping the 44 ahead of last weeks winner Mike Glass.Mr.Smooth kept the high flying Bryce Dodig behind him to get 4th with Dodig 5th.2021 champion Matthew Mertz could not match his efforts at both ends of the speedway ,what he gained in turns 1 and 2 ,he lost in turns 3 and 4 ,but still wrestled a 6th place finish.Some new faces made the Elite 8 as Stephen Smith III rallied for a nice 7th pay envelope and another total newcomer Alexandra Alleico-Cushman became an Elite 8 finisher in her # 3 hot rod.

The final event of the evening produced a 2 time nightly winner for their efforts as Richie Hartman claimed the top prize of $500 offered by Cordier Family productions for his 270 micro win.2nd place runner is quickly becoming someone that the fans are focusing on as Matt McAnally is proving he got some talent behind the steering wheel.”The Mullet Man” Dakota Barlet also had a nice evening on the speedway as he put his family owned # 54 in for 3rd to fall just 1 spot shy of his 600 micro run.4th through 8th was anybody’s guess with more position swapping during the 20 lap main event.Jarrett Imler again finds the top 5 getting 4th.The next 4 spots became the alphabet finish with the 4L of Ben Layser taking 5th ahead of the 4J of Jeffrey Confer who just beat the 4B of Brandon Confer,who got 7th over the 3Y of Zach Young to complete the alphabet run.

It was a night where running where the competition wasn’t paid off for quite a few racers Weds. night.The heats were run off virtually caution free,but yellow fever woes struck many of the A Mains early but when everyone settled in for some green flag racing ,the show was well worth the family affordable admission at Shellhammer’s.

Thanks to all who sponsored the Lucky Wristband Concession Stand Vouchers,all the winners wanted me to give their thanks publicly,so here it is to Jimbo’s Gutters,ProTek Roofing,Brian Moyer @ Outten Jeep and IBK Karaoke.A big thanks to the Fan of the Week sponsor,my daughter Jen.

The Race Track By the River will present another Wingless Weds. program on June 1st.

All of us in the tower truly appreciate the support from the race teams and your thank yous at payout pickup.It means a lot.

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