RPW Column: Craig Von Dohren Added To Hall Of Fame Resume Saturday At Grandview Speedway

Column By: TOM WENNER / RPW – BECHTELSVILLE, PA – Craig Von Dohren continues his domination at the Grandview Speedway with his 3rd regular feature win of the season, 4th overall at Grandview in 2022.

Craig swept the night scoring his heat race win in strong fashion and then winning the race to the front in the among the Grandview Speedway Spec 358 Modified titans. Craig was on a mission on Saturday Night from his 15th starting spot breaking into the Top 10 by lap 3, and the Top 5 by lap 8.

Brett Gilmore who started from the pole starting spot ran incredibly well on Saturday leading the race up the Lap 19 mark. Craig took over on lap 20 and ran away from the field for the remaining laps until Brett Kressley ran CVD down in lap traffic and made an incredible bid for the lead coming for the white and checker.

Kressley’s bid for the win came up a tad short and Craig Von Dohren was able to hold off the strong run by Kressley for win.

Brett Gilmore and Steve Swinehart led the 28 car field to the T.P. Trailers NASCAR green flag. Brett Gilmore took command of the race at the drop of the green. With 1 down the yellow was displayed for a spun Cory Merkel in turns 1 & 2. Craig Whitmoyer blasted on the start from 6th into 2nd and was showing some early strength from the #99 Modified. Doug Manmiller drove his Jason Miller #44 from 12th to 6th at the start and was equally some showing strength under circling under yellow.

The green was displayed and the field resumed racing action with Gilmore at the point. On lap 3, Von Dohren was on the move to the front breaking into 9th and Brett Kressley was chasing in 11th.

Brett Gilmore continued to set the pace out front through lap 5, followed by Whitmoyer, Steve Swinehart, Graver Jr., Brad Grim, and Manmiller

On Lap 6 the yellow lights were flashing for Ray Swinehart and Jeff Strunk who were stopped in turn 3 & 4. Both headed to the pits. Strunk returned to action.

Brett Gilmore was the leader, followed by Craig Whitmoyer, Steve Swinehart, Graver Jr., Brad Grim, Manmiller, Dissinger, Justin Grim, Mike Gular, Craig Von Dohren and Brett Kressley.

The race resumed with Gilmore back out front and Von Dohren and Kressley immediately jumped into the 6th & 7th spots on the start. As the raced clicked on, Doug Manmiller moved into 3rd on lap 10 and Von Dohren and Kressley were following his moves to the front. The field hit lap traffic by lap 15 and things were about to get interesting for the front of the pack.

On lap 17 the yellow lights were again flashing for Brad Grim.

The field was reset and the running order was Gilmore at the point with Whitmoyer in 2nd, Manmiller in 3rd, Von Dohren in 4th, and Kressley in 5th.

The restart for lap 18 set an important mark for the race, Gilmore took command but Von Dohren blasted to 2nd putting Manmiller back to 3rd and Kressley moved into 4th as Whitmoyer fell back to 5th.

On lap 20 the yellow lights flashed for Frank Cozze who was stopped. Duane Howard was qualified from the consolation race and started 26th was now 8th.

The field was reset and the green Whelen lights turned back on as Von Dohren raced into the lead dropping Gilmore back to 2nd with 10 to go. Kressley moved past Manmiller for 3rd. Whitmoyer was 4th and Duane Howard had broken into the Top 5.

On Lap 22 Craig Von Dohren had a commanding lead and was driving away as Kressley moved past Gilmore for 2nd and Manmiller was in 4th and Howard 5th.

The laps were clicking off at a rapid pace as the field hit the lap 27 mark and Von Dohren was approaching lapped traffic. Kressley was reeling in the Von Dohren 30 as the field hit the lapped traffic. On the White Flag Lap The Kressley Auto & Truck Sales 19k was on the bumper and looking for a way by on the bottom was Von Dohren held the faster upper groove. Craig Von Dohren snuck by for a close victory over Kressley in the Bruce Brueche, Jr. KL Harring Transportation #30, Gilmore finished 3rd for his best run of the ’22, Doug Manmiller was 4th, Duane Howard was 5th from his 26th starting spot, Craig Whitmoyer 6th, Kevin Hirthler 7th, Steve Swinehart 8th, Kevin Graver J. 9th, Dan Waisempacher 10th.

The victory was Von Dohren’s 117th career win. 3rd Point Season Victory and 4th overall win on the season. Craig was very thankful in victory lane to the Jason Bashore led team, Bruce Brueche car owner and the sponsors who support the Brueche #30 – Bruce Brueche & Son’s, KL Harring Transportation, V & M Towing, Nick Gatto Racing Engines, VP Racing Fuels, Bruce Brueche, Jr. & Son’s Inc., Trick Race Parts, Everlast Roofing, Pioneer Pole Buildings, Vanderhoof Bus Company, UFP Gordon LLC, Coldwell Banker Real Estate, Krause Excavating and BFP Specialty. Craig said, “Restarts are so key here” referring to the Lap 20 restart where CVD took the lead. Craig mentioned that he thought the car was not very good early in the event but the car came around later as the race wore on. Von Dohren has now won 4 of the 5 Modified events presented at Grandview in ’22. Brett Kressley is the only other winner to date.

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