RPW Column: Larry Wight Stays Hot At Land Of Legends; Wins Again Saturday Night

Column By: MARTY CZEKALA / RPW – CANANDAIGUA, NY – Larry Wight took his fifth DIRTCar weekly win of the year, scoring his second Land of Legends Raceway win of the year in Big Block Modifieds.

Matt Sheppard came home in second with Peter Britten, Erick Rudolph and Justin Haers completing the top five.

Tyler Corcoran took his first win in Sportsman, the second time he has won at Land of Legends.

Brandyn Griffin scored the 305 Sprint feature for his first of the season.

Brad Ovens became the 13th inductee into the Land of Legends Raceway Wall of Fame. Brad worked on the production staff with Land of Legends TV for the past few seasons and was also a former CRSA Sprint official.

“If there’s something I would describe my brother, it was ‘it had to be Brad right.’ There was right, and then there was Brad right. He elevated our game on Land of Legends TV. When we thought we had it right, Brad went to work and made it much better,” announcer Steven Ovens explained about Brad during the induction ceremony.

“One of the things we do at Land of Legends with free TV is make sure more people around the country and region get to see the great racing that goes on here. Brad Ovens’ untimely passing was a severe blow for us this winter. He brought the level of our production up to a world-class level. It rivals what you watch on network TV,” promoter Paul Cole said about Brad before revealing his plaque on the Wall.

Next week, Land of Legends hosts a full card with racing beginning at 6:30pm.

Big Block Modifieds (30 Laps)
99L Larry Wight (22:08.934), 2. 9s Matt Sheppard, 3. 21a Peter Britten (4.892s), 4. 25 Erick Rudolph (11.927s), 5. 3 Justin Haers (13.740s), 6. 19 Tim Fuller (14.702s), 7. 34 Kevin Root (15.542s), 8. 70a Alex Payne (16.217s), 9. 23c Kyle Coffey (17.973s), 10. 14j Alan Johnson (19.502s), 11. 27j Danny Johnson (20.117s), 12. 11J James Sweeting (-1L), 13. 7z Zach Payne (-1L), 14. 22g Gil Tegg Jr. (-1L), 15. 33J Robbie Johnson (-1L), 16. 7 Troy Sperring (-1L), 17. 21p Derrick Podsiadlo (-1L), 18. 19w Justin Wright (-1L), 19. 27d Daniel Johnson (-1L), 20. 7s Torrey Stoughtenger (-2L), 21. 29N Greg Birosh (-2L), 22. 28p Eldon Payne (-22L), 23. 17 Marcus Dinkins (-28L), 24. 88 Dave Allen (-28L)
Heat Winners: 70a Payne, 21a Britten, 9s Sheppard
Fastest Lap: 99L Wight 19.341s (Lap 10)

Sportsman (25 Laps)
64 Tyler Corcoran (16:17.037), 2. 7 Paul Guererri, 3. 25g Nick Guererri (6.835s), 4. 31 Kane Bristol (7.784s), 5. 1m Tyler Murray (7.961s), 6. 38 Zach Sobotka (9.719s), 7. 32 Ryan Shanahan (10.646s), 8. 10 Karl Comfort (13.426s), 9. 12g Matt Guererri (14.273s), 10. 113 Frank Guererri Jr. (14.794s), 11. 18h Justin Henderson (15.071s), 12. 30 Nick Root (16.203s), 13. 132 Dalton Martin (16.882s), 14. 35 Nick Cooper (18.137s), 15. 7 JT Sperring (19.381s), 16. 9 Tim Baker (20.647s), 17. 21v Tony Velez (21.584s), 18. 51 Tim Lafler (21.821s), 19. 36b Brandon Grover (-1L), 20. 23b Tim Borden (-1L), 21. 16x Savannah LaFlair (-1L), 22. 00 Sam Hoxie (-18L), 23. 36 Jimmy Grant (DNS)
Heat Winners: 64 Corcoran, 10 Comfort, 31 Bristol
Fastest Lap: 64 Corcoran 20.950s (Lap 3)

305 Sprints (20 Laps)
75 Brandyn Griffin (6:23.582), 2. 48J Darryl Ruggles (0.858s), 3. 48a Alysha Bay (2.693s), 4. 38 Jason Whipple (6.463s), 5. 53 Bobby Parrow (6.838s). 6. 13t Trevor Years (8.123s), 7. 18c Dan Craun (9.524s), 8. 33 Scott Landers (12.754s), 9. 17e Ethan Gray (16.446s), 10. 23 John Smith (-1L), 11. 1q Tom Radivoy (-1L), 12. 18 Timmy Lotz (-1L), 13. 14 James Layton (-2L)
Heat Winners: 75 Griffin, 18c Craun
Fastest Lap: 75 Griffin 18.012s (Lap 1)

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