RPW Column: Power Rankings As The 2022 Super Dirt Series Gets Rolling

Column By: STEPHEN DURHAM / RPW – SWEDESBORO, NJ – It has been a long break since the Super DIRTcar Series hit the track.

It’s been since February specifically, but things are back on track as they head to Bridgeport Tuesday night for the “King of the Big Blocks” on the high banks.

These are my thoughts on the 2022 Super DIRTcar Series top drivers as the regular season gets kicked off on Tuesday and things heat up in the coming weeks.


1: Mat Williamson:

Williamson is off to a strong start after capturing a gator at Volusia back in February. Williamson finished in the top 10 all five nights at Volusia, with a pair of top fives. Williamson has been to the high banks of Bridgeport both times in the last 2 years, finishing 11th last May, and 10th back in 2020.


2: Max McLaughlin:

Mad Max always is able to find seat time in anything that has a motor lately. He started off 2022 in Florida with a gator and an additional two top 5s on the week visiting Volusia. Mclaughlin knows how to get around Bridgeport as he came home 3rd last May his first attempt at the reconfigured high banks. Mclaughlin had a stout 2021 campaign finishing 5th in the standings.


3: Peter Britten:

The “Batman” Peter Britten was able to grab a gator at Volusia this February, with an additional two top fives to bring home. Britten showed lots of speed in 2021, taking home a win at Land of Legends in August, with six top 5s, twelve top 10s out of his 19 starts on the tour. That would give him a 4th place finish in the 2021 standings. Britten finished 4th last May at Bridgeport, and 6th in 2020.


4: Matt Sheppard:

The defending 2021 Super DIRTcar Series champion will be eager to start his title defense quickly this year. Sheppard’s best finish at Volusia was a 4th place finish, the lone top 5 on the week. You can’t ever rule out Sheppard, anywhere the series goes. Sheppard came home 8th last May, and a rough 22nd place finish in 2020.


5: Jimmy Phelps:

It was a stout showing for the Super DIRTcar Series veteran at Volusia. Phelps was able to grab a win, with 3 additional top 5s and a top 10 the week, going 5 for 5 on the week with top 10s. Phelps will be in contention to keep that momentum rolling, finishing 5th last May and 3rd in 2020 at Bridgeport. Phelps finished 2021 6th in the standings, with four top 5s and nine top 10s.


6: Larry Wight:

Wight had a strong showing in the Sunshine State in February, two top 5s and five top 10s on the week. Wight finished the 2021 season 8th in the standings with four top 5s and ten top 10s. Lightning Larry will be hoping for a lightning strike here early on in 2022. Wight has struggled the first two times at the high banks finishing 13th last season and 25th in 2020.


7: Stewart Friesen:

When Friesen shows up to any race, he is usually a favorite to win. Friesen won a gator in February with two other top 5s on the week. Stewie only made 15 starts on the 2021 series campaign, but had thirteen top 5s and fourteen top 10s, with six wins. Friesen was the runner-up last May, but won in 2020 at Bridgeport, and he’ll be looking to rekindle that magic once more.


8: Erick Rudolph:

DIRTcar Nationals was not friendly for Rudolph after his week came to an end quickly the first night. Don’t expect that to keep Rudolph down though and show resilience as the season goes. Rudolph finished 2021 7th in the points, with five top 5s, and eleven top 10s. Rudolph struggled last May finishing 28th and 20th in 2020.


9: Mike Mahaney:

Mahaney was able to get that monkey off his back in 2021, winning on the Super DIRTcar Series in September at Albany-Saratoga. Mahaney had one top 5 and a pair of top 10s on his trip to Volusia. Mahaney started 17 races on the tour, with the win at Malta, five top 5s, and ten top 10s for him. Mahaney finished 12th last May and 9th in 2020 in his trips to Bridgeport.


10: Jack Lehner:

The “Ginga Ninja” Jack Lehner had a strong showing at Volusia, one of his best weeks in Florida. Lehner had a top five and pair of top 10s to bring back to the northeast at the end of the week. In 2021 Lehner had a top five and six top 10s on the season. Lehner finished 9th last May and 15th in 2022 in his first trips to Bridgeport.


On the Radar:

Rich Scagliotta:

Scagliotta had a pair of top 5s in the DIRTcar Nationals this February, coming home 5th opening night and the final night of the week.


Kyle Coffey:

Coffey had a strong showing at Volusia to kick off the 2022 campaign. Coffey had a top 5 and pair of top 10s for DIRTcar Nationals, best finish coming in 4th on the second night.

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