Todd Stone Takes Saturday Night’s 30-Lap Sportsman Feature At Devil’s Bowl Speedway

Story By: DEVIL’S BOWL SPEEDWAY – WEST HAVEN, VT – For Todd Stone 2014 was an eternity ago and 2022 has been knocking him down like a Tyson Furry opponent.

It didn’t stop a resilient G-Stone Motors 1X team from rebounding to score an early season victory at ‘the bowl’ Saturday night. Other winners included Evan Roberts (Limited Sportsman), Kamden Duffy (Rookie Sportsman), Elmer Montville (Mini Stock), and Eric Leno (Enduro).

Brian Whittemore and Todd Stone would lead the 28 car Sportsman Modified field to the green with Stone quickly taking the lead. The field would be slowed to a red flag stop early, as the MJ Pelter Construction number 13 of Frank Hoard III was upside down. To everyone’s surprise, Hoard would show toughness as he returned to racing action.

Stone would return to the point after the restart, with drivers such as Justin Comes, Tim LaDuc, Marty Kelly III, and Don Mattison moving forward. Stone wasn’t going to be denied however, as he went unchallenged to a popular victory in the 30-lap main event. He was followed by Marty Kelly III, Tim LaDuc, David Bosclair, and Justin Comes rounding out the top five.

Evan Roberts is off to a strong start in 2022 in the Limited Sportsman division. After opening the season with a 2nd place finish, he did one better Saturday night storming to the 25-lap feature win. Big mover on the night was Alex Layn who started 13th and finished 6th. Following the Friend Construction number 50X across the line to round out the top five were Randy Ryan, Steve Pope, AJ Munger, and Kyle Kerr.

Rookie Sportsman action started off the night with a red in heat races, when Bobbi Jo-Hults rolled her 12M over. She was uninjured and will return to race another day. In the feature event it was 14-year-old speedster Kamden Duffy who raced to victory from his 4th starting spot. He was followed by Steve Miller, Alex Palmer-Sawyer, Nick Austin-Neil, and Adam LaFountain who stormed form 16th to round out the top five.

Winning the 500cc Mini Sprint feature event was the cherry on top of a victorious ice cream treat if you’re Lane Saville. He had to accomplish such a successful run after starting 10th at the drop of the green in the 15-lap feature go around. Kevin Smith, Roger LaDuc, Logan Denis, and Raelin Dunham would round out the top five.

Elmer Montville opened his Devil’s Bowl season with a win Saturday in the 15-lap Mini Stock feature. Following the Humpty Dumpty Soft Ice Cream and Subs number 11D were Clemmy Bell, Craig Kirby, Jarrod Colburn, and Jake Barrows rounding out the top five. Jonathan Mason won the B-Main.

Rounding out the evening a 29-car field assembled for the first 50-lap enduro of the season with $500 big ones up for grabs. Eric Leno was up for the challenge. He earned the win and spoils of victory.

Next up for Devil’s Bowl Speedway is a weekly racing event on May 21, 2022, featuring an action-packed show for all weekly divisions, plus Super Stock. Coming soon is Northeast Crate Nationals weekend on Saturday May 28th and Sunday May 29th. Pit gates open at 3 PM, grandstands open at 5:30 PM, and racing starts at 7 PM.

MAY 14, 2022 SPORTSMAN MODIFIED FEATURE RESULTS (30 Laps) – 1) TODD STONE, 2) Marty Kelly III, 3) Tim LaDuc, 4) David Bosclair, 5) Justin Comes, 6) Justin Stone, 7) Billy Lussier, 8) Don Mattison, 9) Vince Quenneville, 10) Tanner Siemons, 11) Josh Masterson, 12) Johnny Bruno, 13) Elmo Reckner, 14) Troy Audet, 15) Walter Hammond, 16) Anthony Warren, 17) Walter Hammond Jr., 18) Jimmy Ryan, 19) Brian Whittemore, 20) Brent Warren, 21) James Hanson, 22) Adam Piper, 23) Dylan Madsen, 24) Frank Hoard III, 25) Austin Comes, 26) Jimmy Davis, 27) Shawn McPhee.

MAY 14, 2022 LIMITED SPORTSMAN FEATURE RESULTS (25 Laps) – 1) EVAN ROBERTS, 2) Randy Ryan, 3) Steve Pope, 4) AJ Munger, 5) Kyler Kerr, 6) Alex Layn, 7) Jason Quenneville, 8) Anthony Ryan, 9) Gary English, 10) John Gosselin, 11) Tim Aldrighetti, 12) Hunter Nutter, 13) Justin Lilly, 14) Bob Kilburn, 15) William Duprey, 16) Fred Little, 17) Scott Fitzgerald, 18) Wade Acker, 19) Matt Jordan, 20) Cody O’Brien, 21) Katrina Bean, 22) Bubba McPhee, 23) Mike McGinn, 24) Josh LeClaire.

MAY 14, 2022 ROOKIE SPORTSMAN FEATURE RESULTS (20 Laps) – 1) KAMDEN DUFFY, 2) Steve Miller, 3) Alex Palmer-Sawyer, 4) Nick Austin-Neil, 5) Adam LaFountain, 6) Randy Edson, 7) William Lussier Jr., 8) Derrick Counter, 9) Robert Gauthier, 10) Jason Kerr, 11) Daryl Gebo, 12) Russ Farr, 13) Boomer Patterson, 14) Donald Williams, 15) Bobbi Jo-Shults, 16) Holden Bass, 17) Ed Bell.

MAY 14, 2022 500CC MINI SPRINT FEATURE RESULTS (15 Laps) – 1) LANE SAVILLE, 2) Kevin Smith, 3) Roger LaDuc, 4) Jarrod Colburn, 5) Jake Barrows, 6) Thomas Kasuba, 7) Chayton Young, 8) Gage Provencher, 9) Damen Kasuba, 10) Aiden Benoure, 11) Austin Chaves.

MAY 14, 2022 MINI STOCK FEATURE RESULTS (15 Laps) – 1) ELMER MONTVILLE, 2) Clemmy Bell, 3) Craig Kirby, 4) Jarrod Colburn, 5) Jake Barrows, 6) Mark Mahoney, 7) Matt Wade, 8) Chase Allen, 9) Chris Duffney Jr., 10) Jake Mallory, 11) Robert Steves, 12) Allen Hewitt, 13) Chris Hewitt, 14) Don Olden, 15) Hunter Clark, 16) Ron Alger, 17) TJ Knight, 18) Damian Olden, 19) Tom Severance, 20) Adam Mahoney, 21) Austin McKirryher.

B-Main Winner – Jonathan Mason

MAY 14, 2022 ENDURO WINNER (50-Laps) – 1) ERIC LENO.

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