Carey Terrance Takes 358-Modified Feature Event Win Sunday Night At Cornwall Motor Speedway

Story By: MATHIEU FORTIN / CORNWALL MOTOR SPEEDWAY – CORNWALL, ONT – On this day of June 19, another racing program was held in Cornwall, but we were entitled to quite a gift with some renowned drivers who made their only appearance here since it was a mandatory event for drivers wishing to participate in the Grand Prix of Trois-Rivières.

If some doubted the grandiose aspect of this evening, they were able to see the magnitude when the famous Alex Tagliani arrived directly in the middle of the track aboard his helicopter. In addition, Raphaël Lessard and Andrew Ranger were with us.

The first main race of the evening was the Belair & Sons Garage mini stocks. Captain Pierre Picard had an excellent start and took the lead from the start. On the 3rd lap, Tyler Lamarche rolled over between turns 1 and 2. More fear than harm, the driver came out unscathed. Picard managed to keep the lead on the restart despite good opposition from the defending champion as well as the championship leader, Alexis Charbonneau. Picard still kept the lead until the end, taking a well-deserved victory and his second win in a row after leading all the laps of the race.

Due to the large number of entries in Next Level Home Improvement Sportsman, we were entitled to two B-Main qualifying races to fill the last 10 positions of the main race, with the top 5 of each race advancing. Justin Lalancette starts at the pole of the first and keeps his lead at the start. Donovan Lussier, having recovered his 00 car, managed to climb to 2nd place. Lalancette, Lussier, Godard, Parenteau and Letendre advance to the final.

Gabriel Cyr takes the pole in the second and also maintains his lead despite fierce opposition from Alex Lajoie. Cyr wins ahead of Lajoie, Leblanc, Ladue and Imbeault.

The next race was the Fun Zone Party Inflatables Novice Sportsman. It was Mathis Caron who took the pole in his #89 car. He was overtaken shortly after the start by Joshua Jock in car #03. Jock quickly increases his lead. On lap 10, an incident unfortunately ended the race for last race’s winner, Ty David, as well as Marco McCarthy, causing a yellow flag. Jock manages to keep the lead on the restart, although another yellow flag is waved in the 12th. This time, Olivier Boissonneault takes the lead on the restart. A new yellow appears on the 18th, which will cause a restart with 2 laps to go. Boissonneault had a good start, as did Joshua Jock who took second place. Boissonneault would hold the lead until the end for his first career win. He will surely be happy to have traveled 5 hours to come to Corneall.

Next race, the Picard Mobile Truck Repair Modified, in a race that also counted for the Fat Les’ Chip Stand Canadian Nationals series. David Hébert started on pole aboard his ONE, ahead of Louie Jackson Jr. Hébert chose to start from the outside, which helped Jackson take the lead on the inside and lead the first lap. Then it was Carey Terrance who took the lead, while Chris Raabe took second place. On lap 12, an incident between Louie Jackson Jr, Gage Morin and Steve Bernier caused a caution. Terrance has a good start and widens a gap in front of Raabe and Jean-François Corriveau. On the 50th lap, Simon Perreault created a yellow flag, to the great misfortune of Terrance who saw his lead disappear with 10 laps to go. Terrance goes inside for the restart. He keeps the lead but Raabe does not let go and keeps close in second. Corey Wheeler grabs 3rd place, and that top 3 stays in effect until the end.

Make way for the Sportsman for the 4th race. The pole belongs to the driver of car #3, Adam Rozon, who starts alongside Robert Delormier. Rozon got off to a very good start and kept the lead ahead of Delormier, while Fire Swamp moved up to 3rd position. On lap 6, an incident at the 4th corner caused a yellow flag. Alex Tagliani, Karl Letendre and Yannick Ladoue are involved. Rozon again manages to keep his lead at the restart and the top 3 remains unchanged. On lap 16, an incident at the 1st corner caused another caution. Rozon had a good start but a lap later, he was overtaken by Ryan Stabler who immediately widened the gap. A caution appeared again on lap 24 for an incident at the 2nd corner. The first two cars in the restart honor series sponsor, Next Level Home Improvement, as they both feature the company’s logo. Now Shane Pecore, another driver sponsored by Next Level, has an excellent recovery and climbs to 2nd place between Stabler and Rozon. This ranking will remain intact until the end, no doubt to the great pleasure of Pascal Dupuis of Next Level Home Improvement who obtains the top 3 in full.

The final is once again reserved for Alexandria Home Hardware Pro Stocks, and we can expect an excellent show if we take into account what this class has given us so far this season. Jocelyn Roy starts on pole ahead of Bruno Richard, but an accident at the rear causes a yellow flag at the first corner. We restarted a second time and Richard took the lead. A yellow appears again on the 3rd lap. Richard managed to keep his lead over Roy while Marc Lalonde put up a good fight against Burton Ward for 3rd place, which he finally got on the 8th lap. Ward also lost 4th place to Louie Jackson, who made a comeback in Cornwall. Lalonde just had time to take 2nd place before Ward caused a yellow at 14th. Richard retains the lead on the restart, but Lalonde takes the lead on the 17th, and will keep it until the 24th lap when a yellow flag deprives Marc Lalonde of a certain victory. We will have a green-white-checker. Lalonde and Richard are once again engaged in a good fight, but an incident between Eric Jean-Louis and Thomas McDonald causes another caution. 2nd green white checker and another good fight between Lalonde, who won the race, Louie Jackson who finished 2nd and Bruno Richard who finished 3rd.

358 Modifié Picard Truck Repair (60 tours) CAREY TERRANCE, Chris Raabe, Corey Wheeler, JF Corriveau, Jonathan Ferguson, David Hébert, Jarrett Herbison, Steve Bernier, Mario Clair, Brian McDonald, Kyle Dingwall, Even Racine, Joey Ladouceur, Luke Whitteker, Kevin Hamel, François Bernier, Yan Bussière, Raphaël Lessard, Chris Herbison, Lee Ladouceur, Maxime Plante, Mike Stacey, Calen Draper, Christophe Lupien, Simon Perreault, Vincent Berthiaume, Tristan Draper, Martin Pelletier, Andrew Ranger, Louie Jackson Jr, Gage Morin

Sportsman Next Level Home Improvement (30 tours) RYAN STABLER, Shane Pecore, Adam Rozon, Robert Delormier, Samuel Charland, Gilles Godard, Félix Murray, Fire Swamp, Cédric Gauvreau, Gorden Clair, Tyler Givogue, Tristan Ladouceur, Gabriel Cyr, William Racine, Justin Cyr, Alex Lajoie, Justin Lalancette, Jason Rose, Donovan Lussier, Dan Jalbert, Kevin Parenteau, Jean-Francois Tessier, Patrick Picotin, Jean-Francois Leblanc, Karl Potvin, Thomas Cook, Karl Letendre, Yannick Ladue, Sean Imbeault, Alex Tagliani, Casey Swamp

Pro Stock Alexandria Home Hardware (25 tours) MARC LALONDE, Louie Jackson, Bruno Richard, Jocelyn Roy, Rock Aubin, James Clarke, Justin Jodoin, Yanik Potvin, Eric Loyer, Brandon MacMillan, Thomas McDonald, Burton Ward, Denis Gauvreau, Maxime Foley, Eric Jean-Louis

Mini Stock Belair and Sons Garage (15 tours) PIERRE PICARD, Alexis Charbonneau, Jordan McNaughton, Travis Lamarche, Skylar Ladouceur, Chris Cotton, Curtis Lindsay, Robert MacFarlane, Tyler Lamarche, Justin Leroux

Novice Sportsman Fun Zone Party Inflatables (20 tours) OLIVIER BOISSONEAULT, Joshua Jock, Mathis Caron, Xavier Delormier, Daphné Hébert, Blayden Arquette, Karl Loignon, Pryor Stacey, Sandy MacFarlane, Mario Dupuis, Daylon Ezard, Dan Ménard, Matt Prunner, Jacob Hutt, Paul Donnelly, Marco McCarthy, Gavin MacFarlane, Ty David, Stéphane Fournier

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