Chad Homan Wins At Freedom Motorsports Park; Captures Ron Baker Memorial

Story By: PAUL SZMAL / FREEDOM MOTORSPORTS PARK – ARCADE, NY – Warm, sunny skies greeted fans and competitors at Freedom Motorsports Park Friday night for the Ron Baker Memorial for Crate Late Models, plus a program of Pro Mods, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks, and Bandits.

In the Crate Late Model feature, Steve Dixon led from the pole until Chad Homan worked his way to second on lap 6. Two laps later, Homan pulled an outside pass to take the lead as Chuck LeFleur battled with Chris Fleming for third. Homan pulled away until the race’s lone yellow on lap 15. Dixon had a mechanical issue and fell by the wayside into the pits, which allowed Homan to pull a huge lead on Fleming, who had worked his way back into second place. LeFleur battled with Paul Grigsby late in the race for third. When the checkers flew, Homan snagged another win, followed by Fleming, Grigsby, LeFleur, and Murray.

Crate Late Model heats were won by Chris Fleming and Steve Dixon.

The 20-lap Pro Mod feature got off to a rough start with a multi-car pileup that involved nearly half the field in turn one of lap 1. Once that was sorted out, Dixon jumped out to the lead over Zain Harvey, while Adam Ashcroft slid into the top five after avoiding the opening lap chaos. Dixon, Harvey, and Ashcroft fought for the lead while Justin Chaddock and Critter Hemphill came into the top five after their involvement in the opening lap pileup.

Pro Mod heats were won by Steve Dixon, Critter Hemphill, and Tyler Oakes.

The 20-lap Street Stock feature saw Tom Kemp grab the early lead from Joe Chamberlin. Kemp pulled away from Chamberlin at the halfway point as Bill Taylor and Justin Neff battled for third spot until Neff spun on lap 11. Taylor and Chamberlin then battled for second as they tried to catch Kemp, with Randy Taylor moving in to battle Bill Taylor for third in the late going. At the finish, Kemp scored another win, followed by Chamberlin, Bill Taylor, Randy Taylor, and Ian Travis.

Street Stock heats were won by Joe Chamberlin and Tom Kemp.

In the 15-lap Mini Stock feature, Brad Whiteside pulled out a good lead from the drop of the green over a battle between Curt Rung and Andy Schumaker. As Whiteside held the lead and Rung and Schumaker battled, John Michael fought for the fifth spot with Holden Heineman. Bryson Hill spun out of the fourth spot with just a couple of laps to go, which set up a shootout to the finish. Whiteside held off Schumaker for the win, followed by Rung, Michael, and Heineman.

Mini Stock heats were won by Bryson Hill and Holden Heineman.

Kayden Michael held off Seth Johnson over the 10 lap distance to capture Friday night’s Bandit feature win. The Bandit heat was won by Kaden Michael.

Friday, July 1st, Mesler Trucking will present the Firecracker 40 for Crate Late Models, along with the Pro Mods, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks, and Bandits.

RON BAKER MEMORIAL FOR CRATE LATE MODELS-CHAD HOMAN, Chris Fleming, Paul Grigsby, Chuck LeFleur, Kyle Murray, Steve Dixon, Dustin Waters, Damian Bidwell, Jon Rivers, Bill Holmes, Steve LeBarron (DNS), DJ Krug (DNS).

PRO MODS-STEVE DIXON, Zain Harvey, John Woodward Jr, Adam Ashcroft, Tyler Oakes, Duane Powers, Brian Mohawk, Critter Hemphill, Tim Schram, Dalton Bradley, John Cline, Josh Wilcox, Justin Chaddock, Kyle Smith, CJ Sherwood, Brodie Hill, Garrett Miller.

STREET STOCKS-TOM KEMP, Joe Chamberlin, Bill Taylor, Randy Taylor, Ian Travis, Ron Richter, Justin Neff, Shylar Maybee.

MINI STOCK-BRAD WHITESIDE, Andy Schumaker, Curt Rung, John Michael, Holden Heineman, Robert Knapp, Joe Bieber, Cody Wise, Trent Chamberlin, Brian Johnson, Bryson Hill, Caleb Wolcott, Bill Weatherly.


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