Davey Sammons DQ’d From Modified Win At Bridgeport; Billy Pauch Jr. Scores Win

Information By: BRIDGEPORT MOTORSPORTS PARK – SWEDESBORO, NJ – Davey Sammons crossed the line first on Saturday evening during the Modified feature at Bridgeport Motorsports Park.

Unfortunately, in post race tech, he was disqualified.

Sammons explained it on Sunday morning on his Facebook page.

“Unfortunately last night in post race tech we were found to have an adjustable shock on our right front, which is only legal at Bridgeport Speedway if the adjustment hole was taped. What hurts the most is I was told to put tape over the adjustment hole and bring the SAME shock back next week. This hurts, it really hurts. I’m not sure I will be back to race with the SAME SHOCK. How can you be DQd but told to come back with the same car, with a little piece of tape. I’m considering spending my weekends with my family now.

I take full responsibility not knowing the rules, I take pride in making sure my car is right and never want to even be questioned in tech. I didn’t know we had shock rulea. These were not illegal at New Egypt Speedway. These are the same shocks that I bought with the car and have been running for 5 years now. There is no performance advantage to running these shocks, they are not cockpit adjustable, hence why we are able to come back by adding a little piece of tape.

We have worked hard to get back to this point. I have gone from an all time high in what was an emotional win for me, to the lowest of lows. We won that race last night with a great car and with out making many mistakes. By not having a piece of tape on our shock, did not make me any faster.

The tech man told me he knew I had it. Wish he would have told me in advance we could have put a little piece of tape on the shock to make it legal. Sh*tty.

I feel horrible for my family, crew and sponsors.”

Billy Pauch Jr ended up scoring this victory with Ryan Krachun second, Dominick Buffalino third, Matt Stangle fourth and Ryan Watt completing the top five.

DANNY’S PIZZA PIZZAZ MODIFIEDS: 1. Billy Pauch Jr. ($2500), 2. Ryan Krachun ($1200), 3. Dominick Buffalino ($1000), 4. Matt Stangle ($900), 5. Ryan Watt ($650), 6. Tommy Beamer ($600), 7. Alex Yankowski ($575), 8. Ryan Godown ($550), 9. Sam Martz Jr. ($525), 10. Neal Williams ($500), 11. Jordan Watson ($400), 12. Mike Franz ($300), 13. Roger Manning ($300), 14. Richie Pratt Jr. ($300), 15. Ron Roberts ($300), 16. Sam Martz Sr. ($300), 17. Matt Peck ($300), 18. Jim Gallagher Jr. ($300), 19. Billy Osmun III ($300), 20. Joseph Watson ($300), 21. Clay Butler ($300), 22. Davey Sammons ($300)
DNS: Jack Swain, Carson Wright

PRECISION HYDRAULIC & OIL 602 SPORTSMAN: 1. Steve Kemery ($750), 2. Travis Hill ($350), 3. Wayne Weaver ($250), 4. Tom Sherby ($200), 5. Greg Humlhanz ($150), 6. Ryan Godown Jr. ($120), 7. Howie Finch ($115), 8. Sean Metz ($110), 9. Brian Papiez ($105), 10. Tom Moore Jr. ($100), 11. Matt Ellery ($100), 12. Eric Kormann ($100), 13. Stephen Yankowski ($100), 14. Brandon Watkins ($100), 15. Bryan Brobst ($100), 16. Bobby Watkins ($100), 17. Jim Dallett ($100), 18. Thomas Prychka ($100), 19. David Jenkins ($100), 20. Billy Chester ($100), 21. Jonathan Swift ($100), 22. Pete Serra ($100), 23. Mike Baldwin ($100), 24. Ethan Bill ($100), 25. Brian Rogers ($100), 26. Brandon Shipley ($100)

STREET STOCKS: 1. Mike Hughes, 2. TJ Henry, 3. Jeramy Doerr, 4. Tom Wills Jr., 5. Lee Allen, 6. Jeff Dirkes, 7. Drew Brocklebank, 8. Ken Moren
DNS: Nick Sandone III

DELAWARE AUTO EXCHANGE MID-ATLANTIC SPRINT SERIES: 1. Rory Janney, 2. CJ Faison, 3. Rick Stief, 4. Larry McVay, 5. Buddy Schweibinz, 6. Tim Iulg, 7. Bobby DeVault, 8.John Brennfleck, 9. Jeff Paulson, 10. Josh Bricker, 11. Joe Kay, 12. Keith Anderson, 13. Phil Meisner, 14. Darren Cox, 15. Kristina Pratt, 16. Dale Eggert, 17. Justin Nowlen, 18. Andy Mahan, 19. Eddie Wagner, 20. Sam Lieberman, 21. Cory Hunsberger, 22. DJ Tanner, 23. Kevin Nagy, 24. Kenny Loreno
DNS: Dan Leaper

D.A.’S AUTO BODY ROOKIE SPORTSMAN: 1. Thomas Prychka, 2. Vincent Malcolm, 3. Mike Baldwin, 4. Haley Cook, 5. John Larsen, 6. Dylan Monteith, 7. Dan Hulmes, 8. Lew Moore, 9. Ashley Therien, 10. Danielle Cook

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