First Career Patriot Sprint Tour Win At Fonda Speedway For Danny Varin Saturday Night

Information By: RON SZCZERBA / FONDA SPEEDWAY – FONDA, NY – He’s won several events at the Fonda Speedway, and even in other Sprint Car action at the track, but Saturday night, Danny Varin captured his first career Patriot Sprint Tour A-Main victory, winning the Earl Halaquist Memorial.

Matt Tanner was second with Paulie Colagiovanni in third, Josh Pieniazek in fourth and Davie Franek in fifth.

PATRIOT SPRINT TOUR EARL HALAQUIST MEMORIAL FEATURE – 30-laps – DANNY VARIN, Matt Tanner, Paulie Colagiovanni, Josh Pieniazek, Davie Franek, Dalton Rombough, Joe Trenca, Denny Peebles, Jonathan Preston, Kyle Smith, Mike Kiser, Chad Miller, Steve Glover, Dave Axton, Chase Moran, Andrew Jacobus, Brett Wright, Tyler Emmons, Aaron Jacobus, Jordan Hutton (DNS), Jordan Thomas (DNS), Dave Dykstra (DNS), Jacob Dykstra (DNS), Jeff Trombley (DNS)

1st career Patriot Sprint Tour win at Fonda for Varin

LAP LEADERS – 1-2 Tanner, 3-30 Varin

HEAT RACE WINNERS – Tanner, Peebles, Varin

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