RPW Column: Manmiller Family Sweep At Grandview; Cody Manmiller Steals Open Sportsman Feature Checkers

Column By: TOM WENNER / RPW – BECHTELSVILLE, PA – Cody Manmiller won his career first Grandview Speedway feature on Saturday, making it a Manmiller family sweep on the night.

Cody drove past Hunter Iatalese for the lead with 3 laps remaining in the 25 Lap Open Sportsman main event to secure his career first Grandview Speedway win.

The Father and Son victory lane was a special one as both Manmiller’s had to work hard for their main event wins.

The Grandview Speedway track crew cut and watered the track after the modified event to provide outstanding track conditions for the Open Sportsman racers for the 25 lap main event. This cut down on tire wear and abuse for the Sportsman teams. With a tire and parts shortage on-going, Grandview Speedway continues to look for ways to keep their racers and race teams well supported.

Hunter Iatalese and Mark Gaughler led the 24 car NASCAR Advance Auto Parts T.P. Truck Equipment Open Sportsman field to the green flag on Saturday night.

Hunter Iatalese immediately took command of the race, with Gaugler, Tyler James, Nathan Horn and Michael Myers in tow.

At the 5 down mark, Iatalese had a half-straightaway lead on the field. Gaugler was 2nd followed by James, Horn, Myers, Mohr, Adams, Guldin and Manmiller. Dylan Hoch was flying to the front cracking the top 10 by 8 down.

At the lap 10 mark caution lights were displayed as Lex Shive had come to a stop in turn one. Shive retired from the event.

As the field was restacked, Iatalese remained the leader with Gaugler, James, Horn and Myers your Top-5.

The field went back to racing action and Cody Manmiller entered the top 5 on lap 11. As the field scored 11 down Zane Roth retired from the event.

At the halfway mark of the race Iatalese was still in control out front, Tyler James was now 2nd and Cody Manmiller was racing through the field in 3rd, Nathan Horn was 4th and Dylan Hoch was 5th. Cole Stangle was making a charge from 19th, now 10th. Brian Hirthler started 15th and was now 12th. Joey Vaccaro pulled into the infield at this mark.

A lap later, Cody Manmiller took the Alpha Distribution Solutions Bicknell Sportsman 00 into 2nd.

As the field hit the 17 down mark Manmiller was running down Iatalese for the lead. James remained in 3rd, Horn 4th, Jimmy Leiby from 17th starting spot to 5th and Dylan Hoch 6th.

When the field hit the 5 to go mark, Cody Manmiller was stalking Hunter Iatalese for the lead now. Tyler James having a great run in 3rd, Dylan Hoch had now moved up to 4th, Nathan Horn 5th and Jimmy Leiby 6th.

Lap 21 Iatalese and Manmiller are doing side by side for the lead. Could Cody double up the Manmiller night?

On lap 22 Cody Manmiller sneaks by Iatalese for the lead, as Tyler James continues to control 3rd, Dylan Hoch in 4th, Jimmy Leiby 5th and Nathan Horn 6th.

Cody Manmiller goes unchallenged for the last 3 laps to secure his 1st career Grandview Speedway Sportsman win and creating a complete Manmiller Family victory lane joining his father Doug as a winner on Saturday. Hunter Iatalese finishes 2nd in an outstanding run for the young racer, Tyler James in 3rd, Dylan Hoch finishes 4th from 13th, Jimmy Leiby 5th from 17th, Nathan Horn 6th, Nathan Mohr 7th, Cole Stangle 8th from 19th, Mike Schneck Jr. 9th, Mark Gaugler 10th.

In victory lane, Cody Manmiller know as the “Handle” noted that he was not going anywhere in the 1st half of the race, but once the caution flew on lap 10, He was able to get going and march to the front of the pack. Cody mentioned that he grew up in the Grandview Speedway grandstands and it was a emotional victory lane for him. Cody mentioned his strategy of slow to go fast in reference of his drive to the front. Congrats to the Manmiller family on a special night of racing at the Grandview Speedway.

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