RPW Column: Brian Hirthler Won Sportsman Main At Grandview Saturday After Titanic Battle With Dylan Hoch

Column By: TOM WENNER / RPW – BECHTELSVILLE, PA – Brian Hirthler scored a popular Grandview Speedway Sportsman Feature Win on Saturday Night, but it wasn’t easy in nature at all.

Hirthler had to wrestle the lead away from Dylan Hoch and then hold him off for the win. Brian Hirthler and Dylan Hoch are 1st and 3rd in the Sportsman Point Standings and the race outcome was settled by those 2 great sportsman drivers at the end.

Kyle Smith, who is in 2nd place points suffered a dismal night as he was collected in a mid race accident and did not finish. The win was Brian’s 15th career Grandview Speedway Sportsman score and 3rd of the ’22 season.

Zane Roth and Wayne Rotenberger led the 26 car T.P. Truck Equipment field to the green flag.

Wayne Rotenberger took command at the drop of the green with Roth, Nathan Horn in 3rd, Joey Vaccaro 4th, and Kenny Bock in tow.

The caution lights were quickly displayed for Nathan Mohr 17m who slowed on lap 3.

The field was restacked and we were back to green with Wayne Rotenberger setting the pace. As the field clicked off lap 5 Rotenberger controlled the pace with Roth, Vaccaro, Jesse Hirthler and Dylan Hoch the Top 5.

On Lap 7, the caution lights were displayed again for Keith Brightbill, Kenny Bock, Lex Shive, and Matt Clay who were collected in turn 2.

The field was restacked and another attempt at green was no good as the field collected heading into turn one. This time Jesse Landis, Kyle Smith, Dakota Kohler, Lex Shive, Keith Brightbill and Kenny Bock were involved. Number 2 man in points, Kyle Smith was towed off.

Once the track crew cleaned up the mess, The field was restacked and ready for a lap 8 restart.

On the restart Joey Vaccaro powered his Vaccaro Auto Buyers of Reading #53 into the lead. Dylan Hoch moved into second, Jesse Hirthler followed into 3rd, Zane Roth was 4th, Brian Hirthler 5th after marching to the front from his 16th starting spot.

As the field clicked off lap 10, Vaccaro was out front, Hoch 2nd, J. Hirthler 3rd, Brian Hirthler 4th and Zane Roth 5th.

On lap 11, Dylan Hoch pulled a slider on Joey Vaccaro for the lead. As lap 12 was scored, the caution was displayed for Keith Brightbill who slowed off turn 4.

The field was reset with 12 down – Hoch, Vaccaro, J. Hirthler, B. Hirthler, Roth, Delliponte, Rotenberger, Leiby, Schneck and Young.

The field was back to green with Dylan Hoch out front. As the field scored lap 14 Brian Hirthler moved past Jesse Hirthler and Joey Vaccaro into the 2nd spot.

On lap 15 the yellow lights were flashing for debris on the track. Dylan Hoch remained your leader, Brian Hirthler was 2nd, Jesse Hirthler 3rd, Joey Vaccaro 4th, Mike Schneck Jr. in 5th.

On the lap 16 restart Brian Hirthler and Dylan Hoch waged war for the lead. Brian Hirthler won the battle. Hoch to 2nd, Jesse Hirthler chasing the top 2, Adrianna Delliponte 4th and Mike Schneck Jr. in 5th.

On Lap 19 the yellow lights were flashing again for Mike Stofflet who lost power in the 38. With 6 laps to go Brian Hirthler was your leader, Hoch, J. Hirthler, Delliponte, Schneck Jr. remained the Top 5.

The field was restacked for a lap 20 restart. Brian Hirthler took command again and fought off the challenges of Dylan Hoch on the restart.

On lap 24 with the white waving the caution lights were displayed for debris on the track in turns 1 & 2. The field was restacked for a 1 lap dash to the checkered flag.

With the field racing to the checkered flag, Brian Hirthler scored the win. Brian’s 3rd of 2022 and 15th of his career. Dylan Hoch was 2nd, Jesse Hirthler 3rd his career best, Adrianna Delliponte 4th, Mike Schneck Jr. 5th, Joey Vaccaro 6th, Cody Manmiller 7th, Parker Guldin 8th, Keith Brightbill 9th, and Ryan Graver 10th.

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