Column: Late Season Dates Keep Adam Turner On The Road To Victory Lane

Column By: JIM CLARKE / ADAM TURNER RACING – AMELIASBURG, ONT – 2022 schedules may be winding down but for Adam Turner, there is always time for another race.

With a pair of home track wins – including this year’s Late Model season opener – at Brighton Speedway, the 39-year-old father of 3 from Ameliasburg, Ontario is ready to wrap things up at the local 3rd mile oval before hitting the highway for some marquee special events. Turner says he enjoys the opportunity to travel to some different places to race.

“As great as it is to run close to home in front of your family and friends, most racers will tell you how much they enjoy finding success somewhere they don’t usually race,” said Adam Turner. “I’d have to say that my Late Model win at Mohawk and the Street Stock victories at Brockville were some of the most memorable wins of my career. I’ve also had some strong shows at Cornwall over the years.”

With limited practice time through hot laps and a heat race, Turner says it can be tough to land on a set-up when visiting different tracks for the first time. Talking with some of the locals could help but what works for their car doesn’t necessarily transfer to everyone else’s equipment. The driver explains that travelling for a race at a new facility can almost be like buying a lottery ticket.

“You need to roll the dice a little and that can be fun,” Adam Turner said. “When you land on something that works its great but just because it works once doesn’t mean it’ll always be that way. Weather conditions, whether the surface is heavy, tacky and fast or dry and slick can all come into play and make an average driver look like a hero.”

Turner says that coming into this time of the year is the exact opposite of the regular season events. In the next couple of months he expects to be spending time at the controls of his Late Model or Thunder Stock ride…or on some nights, depending on the track maybe both.

Turner says he’ll have shows for both cars on Labour Day Weekend at Brighton. Saturday, September 9th is a Late Model run at Brockville, then the next night back at Brighton. Applefest Weekend at Brighton is also a Thunder Stock and Late Model twin-bill. On Thanksgiving Weekend, there are a couple of Late Model special events at Cornwall Motor Speedway.

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