RPW Column: Brian Hirthler Finds $1,000 Check Under The Sportsman Tree During Christmas In July At Grandview

Column By: TOM WENNER / RPW – BECHTELSVILLE, PA – Brian Hirthler is carving out quite a year in ’22 at the Grandview Speedway, scoring his 4th of the year – A cool $1,000 check for Christmas In July and extended his point lead as well.

Brian mentioned in victory lane that he learned quite a bit from May and June racing at Grandview that they are now applying in July-August for the stretch run to the championship.

That nugget of information from Mr. Four Star in victory lane should serve as a warning that Brian Hirthler is ready to challenge for that 3rd championship and add more to his display case in the coming weeks.

The victory on Saturday was a hard one for Hirthler, Kenny Bock and Brian Hirthler waged a war on lap 18 for the lead that ultimately was won by Hirthler.

BJ Joly and Zane Roth led the 24 TP Truck Equipment Sportsman to the Christmas In July green flag.

BJ Joly grabbed the early lead. Zane Roth, Mark Gaugler, Kenny Bock, Mike Myers and Mark Kemmerer were in tow.

With 3 down Joly held a strong lead with Roth, Gaugler, Bock and Myers in the Top 5. Dylan Hoch was on the move early in 9th from 14th.

At the 6 down mark of race Joly controlled the pace out front, Roth, Bock, Gaugler, and Myers remained the Top 5.

As the field reached the 1/3 mark of the race Joly held a straightaway lead. Roth, Bock, Gaugler, and Cole Stangle were now the Top-5. Stangle was 5th from 11th starting spot.

The yellow was waving on Lap 10 for a blocked track in turn that involved Cole Stangle, Mark Kemmerer, Mike Myers, Dylan Hoch, and Kyle Smith. Matt Clay and Ryan Graver also visited the pits during this cleanup. Smith, Decker Swinehart and Stangle went pitside. Hoch, Clay and Smith returned to action.

The field was reset as Joly the leader, Roth 2nd, Bock 3rd, Gaugler 4th, Brian Hirthler 5th from 15th starting spot, Mike Schneck 6th, Jimmy Leiby 7th and Dakota Kohler 8th

The green is dropped again and BJ Joly takes the lead again, Bock moves into second, Hirthler moves to 3rd, Roth and Gaugler round out the Top-5.

On Lap 15 the Yellow Lights are again on as Jimmy Leiby slows the 9L with a right rear flat tire. Joly, Bock, Hirthler, Roth and Gaugler are the Top-5.

At the drop of the green for lap 16, Kenny Bock takes the ATS #6 to the Sportsman lead, Joly falls to 2nd, Hirthler is waiting to make his next move in 3rd, Roth is 4th,and Dakota Kohler is now 5th.

As the field clicks off lap 18 it is on full war on the track as Kenny Bock and Brian Hirthler are at it for the lead, Zane Roth and BJ Joly are going at it for 3rd and 4th, and Parker Guldin and Dakota Kohler are going after it for 5th and 6th.

As lap 19 is scored Brian Hirthler takes the Four Star Express / Alpine Truck Repair #4* into the lead. Bock falls to 2nd, Roth is 3rd, Kohler 4th, and Parker Guldin is 5th.

At the 5 to go mark Hirthler is opening up some breathing room out front. Bock, Roth, Kohler, Guldin are the Top 5.

Brian Hirthler cruised away to the $1000 Christmas In July victory presented by V & M Towing and SDS Photography. This is Hirthler’s 4th Grandview Sportsman win of ’22 and 16th career Grandview Sportsman victory. The rest of the finishing order was Brian Hirthler for the win, 2nd Kenny Bock, 3rd Zane Roth, 4th Dakota Kohler, 5th Parker Guldin, 6th Cody Manmiller, 7th BJ Joly, 8th Jesse Hirthler from 21st starting spot, 9th Logan Bauman and 10th Kyle Smith.

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