RPW Column: Craig Von Dohren Remains Hot, Winning His Sixth Saturday Night And Tenth Overall 2022 Feature At Grandview

Column By: TOM WENNER / RPW – BECHTELSVILLE, PA – Craig Von Dohren and the Bruce Brueche Jr. & Sons #30 Modified Team are having a Hall Of Fame season at the Grandview Speedway and Saturday Night was another example of exactly why Craig has cemented himself at the top of the record books in almost every category.

On Saturday when qualifying in the heat races was challenge for most teams, Craig picked his spots when able and drove well into a handicap starting spot for the 30 Lap T.P. Trailers main event.

In the 30 Lap T.P. Trailers feature event, Von Dohren took the KL Haring / V & M Towing Bicknell #30 to the front like a hot knife through butter. Von Dohren started 14th and was into the Top-10 by lap 6 and Top-5 by lap 11.  While Carroll Hine Jr. set a blistering pace as the leader, Von Dohren took his time once he reached the front of the pack.

Craig reached 2nd by lap 17 and waiting for the lap 18 caution to play his hand. On the lap 18 restart Von Dohren did what he does best, drove around the high side of Hine Jr. and cruised off the checker flag. Craig Von Dohren is having a remarkable season at Grandview with this being his 6th Saturday night checkered flag and 10th overall.

Von Dohren came into the night with a 83 point lead over Brett Kressley and he expanded the point lead with this win.

Carroll Hine Jr. and Mark Kratz led the 29 car field to the Bob Hilbert Sportswear green flag.

Ray Swinehart took the green and pulled off.

Hine Jr. blasted into the early lead with Darrin Schuler, Mark Kratz, Nate Brinker and Kevin Graver Jr. in tow. Hine Jr. driving a former Ryan Watt Modified with a taped #114 on the doors was exceptionally fast on Saturday night. The Hine Modified has a different exhaust system then the other cars and just sounds so cool at speed.

Ron Haring Jr. who battled overheating woes all night pulled off on lap 4.

With 5 trips around the oval, Hine Jr. was showing continued speed at the front of the pack as the race leader. Hine had a large lead with 5 down, Schuler, Brinker, Graver Jr., Whitmoyer and John Willman were all chasing the #114.

With 6 laps down, Craig Von Dohren was noticeably quick early as he cracked the Top-10. Timmy Buckwalter was in 9th.

It was all green flag laps as “10” hit the scoreboard and Hines was blasting away at the front of the pack. Darrin Schuler was in 2nd, but not able to match Hines pace. Brinker, Graver Jr. and Willman made up the Top-5. Ryan Lilick took the R-10 to the infield on lap 11. Craig Von Dohren cracked the Top-5 on lap 11. Jeff Strunk was making a run to the front as he was scored 10th from 15th. Duane Howard was 11th and Brett “The Threat” Kressley who won the consolation race was 12th from his 22nd starting spot.

At the halfway mark of the race with all nonstop action on the track, Carroll Hine Jr. was the man of the hour with a huge lead and in lap traffic now. Darrin Schuler was distant 2nd, Nate Brinker with a great run in 3rd, Craig Von Dohren was 4th and picking them off one at a time, and Kevin Graver Jr. in 5th. Willman, Buckwalter, Justin Grim and Jeff Strunk made the rest.

On Lap 17, Craig Von Dohren made a move into 2nd place. Hines Jr. remained out front but Von Dohren was on the hunt in 2nd place. Brinker was now 3rd, Schuler moved back to 4th, Kevin Graver Jr. made up the Top-5.

The 1st Yellow of the night was flashing on lap 18 for Brett Gilmore who stopped in turn with a failed right rear tire on Gilmore Bicknell #7. The lead Carroll Hines had been enjoying at the front of the pack was erased with this caution. The field was restacked with 12 laps to go showing Hines, Von Dohren, Schuler, Brinker, Graver Jr., Willman, Strunk, Buckwalter, Storms, J. Grim and Brett Kressley.  Some notable runs being made were Von Dohren 14th to 2nd and Kressley 22nd to 11th.

On the restart Craig Von Dohren powered around the #114 of Hines and took off with the race lead. Hines, Brinker, Graver Jr. and Strunk were now the new Top-5. Darrin Schuler was shuffled back to 6th on the restart.

With 25 down and 5 to go Craig Von Dohren had the KL Haring Brueche #30 flying out front, Hines was 2nd and having the run of his career, Jeff Strunk had now moved into 3rd, Nate Brinker 4th, Kevin Graver Jr. 5th and Brett Kressley was making a late race charge to the front in 6th.

On Lap 27 the yellow was out for the 2nd time of the night as Kevin Hirthler, Darrin Schuler, and Justin Grim had tangle and stopped in turn 3. Craig Von Dohren had to apply big time braking to avoid being collected up in it. Duane ducked into the infield and immediately came back out on the track. Schuler was towed off. Kevin Hirthler went pitside. Grim rejoined the field. The 3 lap dash to the checkered showed – Von Dohren, Hines, Strunk, Brinker and Kressley in the Top-5.

On the restart for lap 28, Von Dohren easily drove off with the lead. Brett Kressley made a huge move to go from 5th to 3rd on the restart. Jeff Strunk got around Hines for 2nd as well. Von Dohren, Strunk, Kressley, Hines, and Michael Storms in the Norm Hansell 357 in 5th.

Craig Von Dohren was not to be denied the win. CVD collected win #6 on the year for Saturday Night Grandview Spec 358 Modified racing. His 10th overall in ‘22 and what a way to setup for the Mid-Summer Classic – Forrest Rogers Memorial up next paying a cool $10k to win. Von Dohren has already won the $10,060 to win Bruce Rogers Classic earlier this season.


T.P. TRAILER NASCAR MODIFIED FEATURE FINISH (30 laps): CRAIG VON DOHREN, Jeff Strunk, Brett Kressley, Carroll Hine III, Michael Storms, Nate Brinker, Kevin Graver Jr., John Willman, Doug Manmiller, Duane Howard, Jared Umbenhauer, Ryan Grim, Brad Arnold, Ron Kline, Justin Grim, Tim Buckwalter, Bobby Gunther-Walsh, Cory Merkel, Darrin Schuler, Kevin Hirthler, Mark Kratz, Brett Gilmore, Dylan Swinehart, Ryan Beltz, Ryan Lilick, Craig Whitmoyer, Ron Haring Jr., Ray Swinehart

DID NOT QUALIFY: Brad Grim, Steve Swinehart, Bobby Trapper Jr., Brad Brightbill, Mike Lisowski, Kyle Lilick

T.P. TRUCK EQUIPMENT NASCAR SPORTSMAN FEATURE FINISH (25 laps): DECKER SWINEHART, Brian Hirthler, Nathan Horn, Adrianna Delliponte, Steve Young, Cody Manmiller, Joey Vaccaro, Dylan Hoch, Lex Shive, Jimmy Leiby, Jesse Hirthler, Nathan Mohr, Mike Schneck Jr., Ryan Graver, Parker Guldin, Hunter Iatalese, Dakota Kohler, Mark Gaugler, Kenny Bock, BJ Joly, Bryan Rhoads, Zach Steffy, Kyle Hartzell, Kyle Smith

DID NOT QUALIFY: Wayne Rotenberger, Zane Roth, Mike Stofflet, Keith Haring

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