RPW Column: “Four” The Win: Mark Kemmerer Claims Fourth Career Grandview Sportsman Feature Win

Column By: TOM WENNER / RPW – BECHTELSVILLE, PA – Mark Kemmerer last won a Grandview Speedway TP Truck Equipment Sportsman feature event in July 2017.

On Saturday night, Kemmerer drove the F10 to a non-stop convincing Sportsman victory in dominating fashion.

For the second week in a row, The Grandview Sportsman drivers have put on an incredible display of driving by racing their entire 25 lap main event in non-stop caution free racing.

Kudos to the Grandview Speedway track crew for doing some prep work after the Modified Feature to create superb racing conditions for the Sportsman drivers to do their business.

Wayne Rotenberger and Mark Kemmerer led the 24 car TP Truck Equipment field to the green flag.

Wayne Rotenberger took the early race lead with Kemmerer, Kenny Bock, Nathan Mohr, Zane Roth and Decker Swinehart in tow.

Joey Vaccaro took his #53 to the infield on lap 2

Mark Kemmerer took the Scatton’s Heating & Cooling #F10 to the race lead on lap 2. Rotenberger, Bock, Mohr, and Roth were the top 5.

On lap 4, Brian Hirthler brought the Four Star Racing 4* into the Top 10.

With 5 clicks on the lap counter, Mark Kemmerer was blasting away with the race lead. Bock, Rotenberger, Mohr, Roth and Jesse Hirthler were in tow.

At the 10 down mark and no caution flags, Kemmerer has a strong control on the race lead.

Kenny Bock is trying to run him down in 2nd, Wayne Rotenberger is 3rd, Nathan Mohr is 4th, rookie sensation Jesse Hirthler is 5th, Grandview Sportsman point leader Brian Hirthler is just outside the top 5 in 6th.

On lap 11, Dylan Hoch moves into the Top 5.

With 12 down, Mark Kemmerer has the hot setup tonight and has a full straightaway lead. Kenny Bock is 2nd, Wayne Rotenberger 3rd, Jesse Hirthler is now 4th, and Nathan Mohr in 5th.

At the 10 to go mark and still all green flag racing, Mark Kemmerer continues to set the pace out front, Kenny Bock is 2nd, Wayne Rotenberger 3rd, Jesse Hirthler 4th and Nathan Mohr is 5th.

On Lap 18, Mark Kemmerer is getting a taste of lap traffic at the front of the pack. Bock, Rotenberger, J. Hirthler and Mohr continue to makeup the top 5.

At the 5 to go Mark Kemmerer is navigating lap traffic as the race remains non-stop at a frantic pace. Kenny Bock with a great run in 2nd, rookie Jesse Hirthler moved into 3rd, and Grandview Sportsman Point Leader Brian Hirthler moves into 4th, Nathan Mohr back to 5th.

With 2 laps to go Mark Kemmerer had some major lap traffic to manage, Bock continued in 2nd with challenges coming from both Jesse and Brian Hirthler now. Nathan Mohr was being challenged by Dylan Hoch and Dakota Kohler.

Mark Kemmerer was able to score the Grandview Speedway TP Truck Equipment Sportsman win. Grandview Speedway Sportsman Rookie sensation Jesse Hirthler rallied late to score the 2nd place finish, Kenny Bock moved to 3rd, Grandview Speedway Sportsman Point Leader Brian Hirthler 4th, Nathan Mohr 5th, Dylan Hoch 6th, Dakota Kohler 7th, Ryan Graver 8th, Decker Swinehart 9th, Zane Roth 10th.

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