Steve Kemery Wins Sportsman Feature Thursday Evening At Bridgeport Motorsports Park

Information By: BRIDGEPORT MOTORSPORTS PARK – SWEDESBORO, NJ – Steve Kemery won the Sportsman feature Thursday evening at Bridgeport Motorsports Park.

The event was a companion race to the All Star Circuit of Champions event that was won by Justin Peck.

Tom Sherby was second in the Sportsman main followed by Brian Papiez, Ethan Bill and Joe Toth.

602 SPORTSMAN: 1. Steve Kemery, 2. Tom Sherby, 3. Brian Papiez, 4. Ethan Bill, 5. Joe Toth, 6. Matt Ellery, 7. Nick Van Wickle, 8. Sammy Martz Jr., 9. Tom Princiotta, 10. Thomas Prychka, 11. Bubba Hughes, 12. Stephen Yankowski, 13. Jonathan Swift, 14. Jason Musser, 15. Brian Rogers, 16. Ryan Godown Jr., 17. David Miloszar, 18. Lew Moore, 19. Will Dupree, 20. Tommy Klimkowski

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