Three-Wide For The Win At Weedsport; Zach Sobotka Takes DIRTcar Sportsman Race By A Nose

Story By: WEEDSPORT SPEEDWAY – WEEDSPORT, NY – The opening round of Super DIRTcar Series SummerFAST at Weedsport Speedway set the stage for an instant classic in the DIRTcar Sportsman division, as Zach Sobotka sliced his way from third to first in the races final two laps to steal a victory worth $1,000.

With only one caution slowing the field; it was Alan Fink, Tyler Murray, Sobotka and Cody McPherson putting on the show at the front, thrilling the Weedsport crowd and the fans tuned in at home on DIRTVision.

Fink and Sobotka led the 27-car field to the green flag with Fink immediately pulling to the race lead in the No. 28. Sobotka’s No. 38 tucked in line in second, before Murray eventually made his presence known in the No. 1M, taking away the runner-up position.

McPherson, who won at Weedsport back in May, started the event from seventh and eventually threw his hat into the ring in the fourth position passed the halfway point of the race.

While Fink appeared to have the race well in hand as the laps ticked away, lapped traffic would draw the front runners back together in the final five laps of the event.

Fink elected to manage traffic on the high side of the speedway, which allowed Murray to nose his way into a side by side battle for the lead. For a moment, it appeared Murray was on the fast track toward victory. However, coming to the white flag Sobotka was able to somehow find enough room on the extreme inside of the speedway to go three wide for the race lead into turn one.

Sobotka was able to clear Murray, but Fink still held on strong on the outside of the speedway making for a side by side run to the checkered flag, which saw Sobotka edge Fink by a mere car length for the victory.

Fink, who lead 24 of 25 laps, had to settle for second ahead of McPherson, Murray, Kyle Devendorf, Emmett Waldron, Will Shields, Daryl Nutting, Noah Walker and Brett Senek.

Sportsman heat races were won by Waldron, Devendorf and Sobotka.

The DIRTcar Sportsman will return to Weedsport on Sunday, September 11 for the prestigious Sportsman Classic 75 as part of Cavalcade Cup Weekend.


Weedsport Speedway
Weedsport, NY
Monday, August 15

DIRTcar Sportsman:

Hall of Fame Feature (25-laps): 1. 38 – ZACH SOBOTKA, 2. 28 – Alan Fink, 3. 7 – Cody McPherson, 4. 1M – Tyler Murray, 5. 5 – Kyle Devendorf, 6. 4 – Emmett Waldron, 7. 82S – Will Shields, 8. 42 – Daryl Nutting, 9. 22 – Noah Walker, 10. 111 – Brett Senek, 11. 31B – Ryan Dolbear, 12. 10G – Austin Germinio, 13. 31 – Kane Bristol, 14. 64 – Tyler Corcoran, 15. 3 – Chris Mackey, 16. 63 – Teddy Clayton, 17. 30 – Nicholas Root, 18. 21 – Ryan Barrett, 19. 48 – Kearra Backus, 20. 16X – Savannah LaFleur, 21. 10 – Karl Comfort, 22. 1J – James Spano, 23. 23B – Tommy Borden Jr., 24. 29 – Matt Caprara, 25. 30M – Michael Root, 26. 6 – Cody Manitta, 27. 77L – Buddy Leathley

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