Cedric Gauvreau Takes Back-To-Back Wins In DIRTcar Sportsman During Mohawk Nationals At MIR

Story By: MICHELINA FRISS / DIRTCAR – HOGANSBURG, NY – The DIRTcar Sportsman Northern Region Series  continued it’s 2022 tour at Mohawk International Raceway during the DIRTcar Northeast Showdown Saturday night.

Cedric Gauvreau picked up the win, concluding the Northern Region tour.

The Sportsman took the track at Mohawk International Raceway with Codie Aubin starting on the pole and Bucko Branham to his outside.

Aubin took the lead at the start, setting an early pace ahead of the field. While he led, Cedric Gauvreau was on a charge to the front from 12th.

Running the high line, Gauvreau picked off 10 competitors in 19 laps, including Aubin for the lead.

Once out front, the Chelsea, QC driver cruised to the victory at the end of the 40-lap Feature – his fifth win at the track this season and second in two nights.

“We work hard weeks after weeks to get a good race car,” Gauvreau said. “I think we found something good this weekend. We had a very good car last night. We put the same setup up on for tonight’s race and it was awesome.”

While Aubin had to settle for second, he was still satisfied with the performance.

“We come up here for the first time this year and finish in the top three. It’s pretty good for us,” Aubin said.

The DIRTcar Pro Stock and DIRTcar Sportsman Series seasons will continue at Albany-Saratoga Speedway during the Malta Massive Weekend. The event will kick off the Fall Championship for the DIRTcar Sportsman on Friday, Sept. 23. The Pro Stocks will run alongside the Super DIRTcar Series on Saturday, Sept. 24.

DIRTcar Sportsman Feature (40 Laps): 1. 22C-Cedric Gauvreau[12]; 2. 7-Codie Aubin[1]; 3. 03-Joshua Jock[6]; 4. 35-Thomas Cook[15]; 5. 1-Robert Delormier[8]; 6. 10X-Cory Castell[5]; 7. 20-Bucko Branham[2]; 8. 44R-David Rogers[7]; 9. 04-Dale Gonyo Jr[17]; 10. 26-Derrick Mcgrew Jr[11]; 11. 71-Delbert Legrow Jr[4]; 12. 33-Travis Bruno[21]; 13. 2-Taylor Doxtater[25]; 14. 92T-Tristan Ladouceur[3]; 15. 44-Casey Swamp[24]; 16. 6XX-Travis Back[16]; 17. 3-Adam Rozon[9]; 18. 18JR-Jason Rose[13]; 19. 66B-Jason Bruno[27]; 20. 8-Steve Bushey[22]; 21. 9-Kristian Smoke[10]; 22. D1-Dillon Cole[20]; 23. 18X-Blayden Arquette[28]; 24. (DNF) 19-Jamy Begor[26]; 25. (DNF) 52-Jessica Power[14]; 26. (DNF) M70-Billy Cook[30]; 27. (DNF) 11X-Devon Guyette[19]; 28. (DNF) 51-Matthew Bourey[29]; 29. (DNF) 83D-Dustin Bradley[18]; 30. (DNS) 1R-Ricky Thompson

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