Chad Jeseo Holds Back Mohawk Champ Bruno Richard To Take DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Win

Story By: MICHELINA FRISS / DIRTCAR – HOGANSBURG, NY – The DIRTcar Pro Stock Series continued its 2022 tour at Mohawk International Raceway during the DIRTcar Northeast Showdown Saturday night.

Defending Super DIRT Week DIRTcar Pro Stock 50 winner and Series champ Chad Jeseo scored the victory.

After the green flag was thrown for the Pro Stock Feature, 2022 track champion Bruno Richard jumped out to an early lead.

The DIRTcar Pro Stock Feature commenced with 2022 track champion Bruno Richard taking the early lead. He held it for 17 laps before positions began to shuffle.

A caution brought the field back together, and then, on the restart, Jeseo muscled his way to the lead. From there, he held the lead to the end.

“I love it here,” Jeseo said. “The guys were very welcoming. They put a great show on. I mean, awesome weekend, to have us both nights. That’s awesome. I really like it.”

Second place finisher Bruno Richard knew immediately what he could have done differently for a better outcome.

“When I do the restart, he was in the front and I was in the middle and I tried to get it and I think I missed by myself,” Richard said. “I didn’t keep the top and moved my car. After that, it’s easy for two, three cars to pass like that. The car was perfect and after a little time, I need to go back on the bottom. Maybe I will lose a little heat on the tire. But I can’t ask for better than that.”

Eli Gilbert crossed the finish line in third, Bruno Cyr in fourth, and Marc Lalonde in fifth.

The DIRTcar Pro Stock and DIRTcar Sportsman Series seasons will continue at Albany-Saratoga Speedway during the Malta Massive Weekend. The event will kick off the Fall Championship for the DIRTcar Sportsman on Friday, Sept. 23. The Pro Stocks will run alongside the Super DIRTcar Series on Saturday, Sept. 24.

DIRTcar Prostock Series (30 Laps): 1. 25J-Chad Jeseo[5]; 2. 72-Bruno Richard[2]; 3. 75-Eli Gilbert[8]; 4. 33-Bruno Cyr[7]; 5. 8-Marc Lalonde[12]; 6. 72G-Denis Gauvreau[1]; 7. 2H-Luke Horning[10]; 8. 4-Roch Aubin[15]; 9. 1X-Justin White[17]; 10. 57K-Kevin Fetterly Jr[9]; 11. 22B-Blayne Nichols[3]; 12. 6P-Shane Playford[4]; 13. 56-Jay Fitzgerald[27]; 14. X15-Tyler Bushey[6]; 15. 23L-Terry Ladouceur[26]; 16. 194-Yves Hamel[24]; 17. 0N-Owen White[29]; 18. 38JR-Justin Chaput[13]; 19. 35-Jonathan Lemay[19]; 20. 17H-Nick Hilt[21]; 21. 14J-Johnny Rivers[18]; 22. 9-Eric Jean Louis[20]; 23. 6C-Brian Carter[30]; 24. 12-Alain Brochu[14]; 25. 6-Stephen Lebrun[16]; 26. 55-David Stickles[23]; 27. O9J-Shawn Perez[25]; 28. 2X-James Clarke[11]; 29. 28-Burton Ward[22]; 30. (DNS) 102-Anthony Mossow

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