Fulton Speedway To Implement A New Format For Halfway Break Of ’22 Outlaw 200

Story By: DAVE MEDLER / FULTON SPEEDWAY – FULTON, NY – The traditional 15-minute halfway break at the Fulton Speedway Outlaw 200 always delivers intrigue. Be it gamesmanship, guesswork or simply necessary service, more times than not the work performed by race teams changes the complexion of the event.

The lap 100 break will be a little more interesting this year, as feature starters will have two pitting options during the break.

When the caution is displayed at lap 100 ending the first half of the event, drivers will have a choice to make – to pit on the track or go behind the wall to their respective pit stall. Cars that make their way to the front stretch will line up in order on the track. Teams will be allowed one pit vehicle to bring the necessary supplies to fuel the car, adjust tire pressures, put on tear-offs, and anything they can do by hand.

The only permitted tools are those necessary to access serviceable items, such as wheel covers and fuel fill covers. The advantage: drivers choosing to pit on the track will restart at the front of the field in order of how they were running at lap 100 when the race resumes.

Conversely, the traditional route of pitting behind the wall will afford teams the opportunity for unlimited work on their cars. Tires, gears, shock changes and other performance enhancements must be performed behind the wall in the 15-minute time limit. But, when the horn signals for cars to return to the track, those that pitted behind the wall will restart behind the cars that chose to pit on the track.

To aid in their on-track stops, each Modified team attempting to qualify for the Outlaw 200 will be permitted one ATV/Golf Cart for pit use on Saturday only.

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