Blaine Klinger Victorious In Open Vs. Crate Sportsman Feature During Night #1 Of Short Track SuperNationals

Information By: SHORT TRACK SUPER SERIES – AFTON, NY – Blaine Klinger took the win in the Open vs. Crate Sportsman feature Friday night on night one of the 14th annual Short Track SuperNationals at the Afton Motorsports Park.

Steve Davis was second with Dominic Roselli, Tyler Peet and Payton Talbot the top five.


Open vs. Crate 602 Sportsman Feature Finish (30 laps): BLAINE KLINGER, Steve Davis, Dominic Roselli, Tyler Peet, Payton Talbot, Tim Hartman, Gary Smith, Mike Nagel Jr, Todd Titus, Jimmy Wells, Blake Sarpriacone, Jeremy Hamilton, Mike Grover, Allan Hammond, John Williams, Jim Gould, Scott Torbitt, Tyler Ward, Marty Goodwin, Michael Ballestero, AJ Digsby, Dale Welty, Mike Schane, Chris Diamond, Ray Leonard.

Disqualified: David Burns

Did Not Qualify: Mike Ward, Dane Hedlund, Eric Winsor, Nathan Mohr, Eddie Owens, Rich Ricci III, Alan Komar, Trey Palmer, Fred Christ, Alissa Cody, Kadon Hohensheldt, Dave Stanton, Cody Clark, Randy Gates, Rich Coons, Josh Landers, Derek Cornish, Jared Miller, Tyla Lawrence, Allan Hodge, Kyler Pierce, Dave Rosa, Kurtis Hohensheldt

“Gambler’s Challenge” ($500): Blaine Klinger
Highest-Finishing NYSSCA Regular ($50): Blaine Klinger
American Racer Cup Sportsman One-on-One Match Races: BLAINE KLINGER over Cody Higbie, Payton Talbot, Dale Welty, Allan Hodge, RayLeonard, Gary Smith

Short Track Super Series Modified Redraw Transfers: Alan Barker (14.570 seconds) & Justin Holland (14.745 seconds)

CRSA Sprint Car Feature Finish (30 laps): DALTON HERRICK, Kyle Pierce, Mike Kiser, Tomy Moreau, Chad Miller, Jordan Hutton, Ron Greek, Jerry Sehn, Nathan Pierce, Trevor Years, Mike Van Pelt, Ray Preston, Alex Adamsky, John Cunningham, Mark Taylor, Calvin Wheelock, Dana Wagner, Jeff Trombley, Aaron Shelton, Thomas Radivoy

Ted’s Body Shop Limited Sportsman Feature Finish (20 laps): TYLER HOLCOMB, Ron Delease, Matthew Backus, Dylan Nicholas, Eric Jensen, Lance Hill, Phil Arnold, Zack Welch, Stephen Windsor, Derrick Shaffer, Jr Stanton, Brandon Christ

Did Not Start: Aaron Clark

Dixie Saloon Bonuses ($100): Tyler Holcomb (first) & Ron Delease (second)
Ted’s Body Shop Halfway Leader ($100): Tyler Holcomb

Slingshot Feature Finish (15 laps): JADEN WUST, Chase Schott, Mason Pittender, Alex Boughton, Chad Goodier, Aubrey Romig, Dustin Sehn, Nicholas Jenkins, Jim Pollard, Bob Boughton, Kirsten Swartz, Andrew Turpin, Avery Decker, Julia Renwick, Ayna Sarapriacone

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