RPW Column: Brian Krummel Simply Dominated The Eastern States Sportsman Championship Saturday At OCFS


Brian Krummel was lights out on Saturday night in the Eastern States Sportsman Championship at Orange County Fair Speedway.

Nobody was touching him and it showed as he led every single lap of the event to score the win.

If there was a more dominant car in the field, they never showed it as Krummel was the man to beat on this night.

“Man, the car was awesome,” Krummel said.  “It was a little free but when I’d get back in the gas, it’d did really well off the turns.  It was very comfortable to drive.”

Krummel was driving a Teo Pro Car and was quick to thank the manufacturer for how well the car performed on Saturday.

“I can’t thank Matt and Bobby (Hearn) enough,” he said.  “I’m a little behind on the coils.  I don’t know the fine-tuning.  I don’t have enough experience with them so I have to rely on them.  They’ve nailed it pretty much every time I’ve driven this car.”

BK Speed, as he’s known as, was also quick to thank his car owner for the opportunity.

“I have to thank all of my sponsors and my man Dave (Coene),” he said.  “He owns this thing. I’ve known him since I first started racing up at Accord and he’s always had my back.  He’s just an awesome guy.”

The track stayed smooth for the entire 50-lap distance on Saturday night and that fed right into Krummel’s set up.

“The track was great tonight,” he said.  “Jeremie (Corcoran) did a great job with it.  It’s been great all weekend so far so kudos to him.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of the new surface but the $5,000 winner’s share will help that mentality quite a bit.”

Second place finisher on the night was Dom Roselli Jr. who had a great run all day on Saturday at Orange County.

“Just a great day today,” Roselli said.  “We came here a little down and didn’t really know what to expect.  Finishing second to the God of Sportsman racing is nothing to hang your head about.”

On a couple of those restarts early on in the feature, it appeared as if Roselli might have had something for the leader but Krummel was too strong.

“At one point, I kind of got caught between two lap cars,” he said.  “One was pulling off and one running down the middle of the straight away.  I think that’s what got me behind a little bit but towards the end, I felt like I had a better car than he (Krummel) did.”

Third place at the end of the race was invader Zach Sabotka.  Sabokta has been good all season in Sportsman competition and it showed again on Saturday at Orange County.

“We’ve been trying to figure out this car towards the end of the year,” he said.  “I think we’re finally starting to get a hold of it.”

For not having many laps around the Middletown oval, especially on the new surface, Sabokta had a great run in the 50-lapper.

“The track was really nice tonight,” he said.  “You could sort of pass there in the beginning but it was right around the bottom towards the end.  I’ve only been here three times since I’ve been racing and I’ve finished third every time.  Hopefully, someday I’ll break through.”

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