RPW Column: Logan Watt Simply Electrified Saturday’s Short Track Super Series Sportsman Speed Showcase Field

Column By: TOM WENNER / RPW – PORT ROYAL, PA – Logan Watt is quickly becoming the hottest young driver in the northeast racing market.

On Saturday Night, Watt carved his name into the Short Track Super Series history books for the 2nd time in 2022 as he completely dominated the Iceless LLC 50 Lap $4000 to win Speed Showcase.

In March of ’22, Logan scored the Cherokee Speedway 602 Sportsman win in a similar impressive driving display. In September, At the Big Diamond Speedway, The CoalCracker 30 another crown jewel 602 Sportsman victory for Logan Watt.

The Watt Family is going to need to build another trophy case as the younger Watt is starting to assemble his own “Big Check” collection. The Speed Showcase field was 70+ strong and showcased some of the best in 602 Sportsman in the tri-state area.

Logan Watt who calls Big Diamond Speedway his home track and Kyle Smith, A Grandview Speedway regular led the 37 car Short Track Super Series Speed Showcase Field to the green flag.

Logan Watt, referred to as the Spark Plug took immediate command of the race with Kyle Smith, Brian Krummel, Tanner Warner, and David Burns in tow.

As the field clicked off 5 laps, Watt held solid command of the race. Smith, Warner, Krummel, Steve Davis, and Stephen Kemery in chase.

With 7 down, the yellow lights were flashing as Jim Harbison was stopped in turn 4. The cause was a flat tire. Dakota Kohler headed to the pits with a flat tire as well.

After the field is reset and we go back to green, Logan Watt remains at the point of the field with Smith, Warner, Krummel, Davis, Kemery, and Tom Sherby all in chase.

At the 10 down mark of the race Watt is at the point, but Kyle Smith is in striking distance. Brian Krummel moved into 3rd as Warner, Davis, and Kemery are racing for the final Top 5 spots.

The next 10 laps are all green flag laps, as we score 20 down on the lap counter. Watt continues to set the pace, Smith is in 2nd and stalking for the lead. Krummel, Warner, Davis and Kemery are the Top 5.

As the field clicks off lap 24 down, Logan Watt is starting to approach lap traffic. Smith, Krummel, Davis into 4th, Warner and Kemery. Tom Sherby, Scott Hitchens, Dylan Swinehart, and Dylan Madsen are the in chase. Dylan Madsen cracks the Top 10 from 29th starting spot.

As the field scores lap 25, the halfway mark of the race the yellow lights are flashing. Ethan Bill, Bridgeport Speedway competitor loses power in his race car. Brad Brightbill and Nick Desantis pull off the raceway. The restart order is Watt, Smith, Warner, Krummel, Sherby, Kemery, Davis and Madsen.

The race attempts a restart as Brad Grim slows coming out of turn 4, caution lights are flashing again. The field is reset and we go back to green. On the backstretch Dylan Madsen and Tom Sherby get together and the result is that Dylan Madsen is stopped inside the middle of backstretch. Madsen rejoins the pack at the back of the field after a run from 29th to 9th.

The field is reset again with Watt at the point, Smith, Warner, Krummel, Kemery, Sherby, Swinehart, and Hitchens. At the lap 27 down mark of the race, the yellow appears again as Steve Davis slows with a flat tire. Dylan Madsen pits and returns to action. The field is reset and back racing after Madsen returns to the track. Davis did not return.

At the 20 to go mark, Logan Watt is continuing to lead the race, Kyle Smith is within reach, Krummel, Warner, Kemery, Sherby, and Swinehart. The Yellow is flashing again as David Burns slows with flat tire. The 31 team changes the tire and Burns returns to action.

With 17 to go, Watt continues his stronghold as the leader of the race. Kyle Smith, Krummel, Warner and Dylan Swinehart are now the Top 5.

At 16 to go, the yellow is out again for Dakota Kohler who slows in turn 4. The field is reset and back to action.

On the restart for 15 to go, There is a massive pileup on the backstretch that involves 16 cars. Included are Brandon Edgar, Joe Toth, Dave DiPietro, Logan Bauman, Eric Kormann, Walter Hammond, Daryl Nutting, Brian Papiez, Chip Constantino, David Burns, Craig Whitmoyer, Dylan Madsen, Tom Princiotta, Justin Comes and Brian Hughes.

The field is reset and ready for another restart. On lap as the field comes out of turn 4 Scott Hitchens loses power and is struck by David Burns. Burns flips wildly down into turn one. Thankfully both Hitchens and Burns exited their race cars uninjured. The field is once again restacked for racing action.

We go back to green flag racing as Logan Watt is up for another challenge by Kyle Smith. Krummel, Kemery, Warner, Swinehart, and Ryan Godown Jr. all in chase. The pace of the race is now picking up as there is only a handful of laps remaining.

The yellow lights are once again flashing at the 10 to go mark as Ryan Godown Jr. slows. Logan Watt is still your leader, but Kyle Smith made a run at Watt right before the caution flag. Krummel, Kemery, Warner, Swinehart and Dylan Madsen remain the next 5. Dylan Madsen gets the award for passing the most cars. Madsen went 29th to 8th and then went to the rear and now has come from the rear to 7th.

We go back to racing as Kyle Smith is now pressuring Logan Watt. They are bumper to bumper racing for the lead and $4k paycheck.

At the 5 to go mark, the caution lights are out again for Joe Judge who is slowing coming out of turn 4. Watt is holding off Smith, Kemery is now 3rd, Warner to 4th, Krummel back to 5th, Dylan Swinehart 6th, Tom Sherby 7th, Joe Toth 8th, and Dylan Madsen 9th, Cody Manmiller 10th.

The field is restacked and heading back to green. All of the money is on the line now and it is GO time. 5 laps to the checkered flag for $4k.

Logan Watt and Kyle Smith wage a war for the win over the last 5 laps. Watt is able to hold off all of the attempts at the win from Kyle Smith. Watt wins, Smith is 2nd, Stephen Kemery is 3rd, Brian Krummel 4th, Dylan Swinehart 5th, Tanner Warner 6th, Joe Toth 7th, Tom Sherby 8th, Dylan Madsen 9th and Cody Manmiller 10th.

The tracks represented in the Top 10 finishing drivers – Big Diamond, Grandview, Orange County, Grandview, Fonda, Bridgeport, Bridgeport, Albany-Saratoga, and Grandview.

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