RPW Column: Things Are Heating Up; Bert Showcases New Rear Suspension At Northeast Racing Products Trade Show

Column By: BRETT HORLACHER / RPW – SYRACUSE, NY – The 2022 Northeast Racing Products Trade Show is well underway at the Exposition Center at the  New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse.

The show provides a warm, dry place for the sports most valued vendors and manufacturers to show of their incredible selection of new products for the upcoming year.

No matter what part of the race car you’re looking for, it is present in one convenient place, some of which are set with end-of-year prices.

However, one company in particular has drawn plenty of attention.

That company was Bert Transmission with their new Cobra By Bert Torsion Bar Suspension.

For those of you who miss the use torsion bars in this new world of Coil rear suspensions on Dirt Modifieds, Bert has something interesting that needs to at least be checked out.

Company owner Bert Robidoux and his team have designed a new torsion bar setup that mimics the performance of a coil-rear setup.

The custom rack is attached to the bird cage via a radius rod with two heim joints that, when moved from front to rear, changes the spring rate from 70 to 90 lbs.

Also, adjusting the bar is easier by unloading the rear of the car and turning a cam-style fitting.  That allows for exact changes to be made and then, you can lock it into place.

For those looking to check out this new take on rear setup, it’s worth the admission to see in person.

Surely there will be more to come about this system as the new season draws near.

For those looking to upgrade their safety equipment, multiple racing product shops were present, including Leaf Racewear where one can be measured for a custom race suit with unlimited embroidery.

Additionally, racing seat manufacturers, helmet dealers and other safety product companies are present.

Many items, including chassis and several engines are to be auctioned off on Saturday November 19th.

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