Brock Zearfoss To Pay Tribute To Blue Angels For West Australian Sprint Car Campaign

Story By: GOLDSTAR RACING TEAM – KWINANA BEACH, AUS – Pennsylvanian World of Outlaws Sprintcar racer Brock Zearfoss has unveiled a spectacular new colour scheme and livery that tributes one of his country’s most iconic teams and organizations…the Blue Angels.

Painted in their striking Blue and ‘Blue Angels yellow” colours the W95 Goldstar Racing Team represents, for car owner Sean Carren and Zearfoss himself a direct and deliberate reference to both ‘The Jonestown Jet” nickname for Brock and the pillars that the Blue Angels are built on:

  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Precision

“We are so excited to have Brock in Australian for the upcoming Speedweek,” says Carren, “we had a tremendously successful campaign when we won the series in 2021 and we’re excited to have Brock return to our team for 2022/2023.”
Due to pandemic border restrictions in 2021/2022 it was impossible for Zearfoss to compete in Western Australia last season – there’s no doubt that the hunger to come back in a successful manner is paramount.

The Blue Angels livery tribute is relevant to Sprintcar Racing in two important ways and for two significant giants in the sport.

Steve Kinser and Jason Meyers both had the rare privilege of riding with the Blue Angels as part of their respective twenty times (Kinser) and back to back (Meyers) World of Outlaws Champion status rewards.

“We have so much respect for the Blue Angels and of course for Steve (Kinser) and Jason (Meyers),” says Carren, “the idea of presenting a car that tributes all of those factors for Brock to race under was something that immediately appealed to us. Respectively they all represent the best of the best. And that’s what we always strive for. Sean Cain at Blackbeard did an amazing job with the design of the car and it presents so well.”

The Steve Kinser factor is further prevalent in the team’s make up with the chassis being a Maxim from the Steve Kinser Racing stable.

The motor program consists of a KRE and Kistler powerplants meaning that Zearfoss will certainly lack nothing in terms of firepower.

“It’s nice to be back, I really missed racing in Australia last year,” says Brock, “our success in 2020/2021 just shows what kind of team that Sean Carren and his team present and how we were able to gel as an operation. The fans in Western Australia are so friendly and passionate, they welcomed me with open arms last time and I’m excited to see them all again.”

The Jonestown Pennsylvanian is proud to wear the Blue Angels livery.

“I’ve never seen them in person (the Blue Angels) but I’ve watched a lot of videos of course and I’m a huge fan of who they are, what they do and what they stand for. As an American it’s impossible not be proud of them. It’s an honour to carry their colours overseas in Australia.”

Zearfoss returns from the USA to WA after a tough but promising 2022 on the road.

“We ended up tenth in points though we had a few races that got away from us and we had some bad luck. Those races put us behind because I think we could have been higher up in the points without those. We improved every time we went out from the year before and in that sense it’s important to keep building the notebook. When you race the best it’s the only way you can one day be the best. I feel like we have a good solid base for next year. The last ten or so races we were together in 2022 with a team I’ll run next year with and we have a good chemistry. Being here in Australia helps keep me sharp too. I’m feeling very good about next week and very good about 2023.”

The USA vs WA Sprintcar Speedweek will feature racing at The Perth Motorplex Kwinana, Bunbury Speedway and Ellenbrook Speedways commencing this Monday – Boxing Day night.

The W95 will also feature a promotional partnership with Dandelions WA – this incredible group of hard working and selfless volunteers provides clothing, resources and support for people and communities in need.

If all goes to plan throughout the USA vs WA Sprintcar Speedweek the team will head East and take on the major Presidents Cup (Avalon VIC) Kings Challenge (Mount Gambier SA) and the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic (Warrnambool VIC).

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