Ryan Arbuthnot To Enter Super DIRTcar Series Events During ’23 DIRTcar Nationals At Volusia

Information By: ARBUTHNOT RACING – RENFREW, ONT – Arbuthnot Racing is very excited to announce that we’re heading to Florida this February.

Our driver, Ryan Arbuthnot, and the team will be racing with the Super DIRTcar Series at Volusia Speedway Park as part of the 2023 DIRTcar Nationals!

“This is something that we have been working on since October 2022,” Ryan Arbuthnot said.  “We’re finally able to share this news with all of you.”

A huge thank you goes out to our sponsors, family and crew who have stepped up to make this happen. This wouldn’t be possible without any of you!

The car is getting close to being ready.  Once it is, we’ll share some pictures of it with our fans on our Facebook page.

We had originally planned on getting the black body out last year, but it just never happened.  With that, it’s maiden voyage will be in Florida.

This is a dream come true for all of us at Arbuthnot Racing.  Only four weeks to go before we head South…but who’s counting!

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