A New Era In ’23; Brett Deyo Named Premier Promoter Of Delaware International Speedway

Story By: DELAWARE INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY – DELMAR, DE – With the growth last year at the 302 Motorsportz Park and more set to come in 2023, SDM Promotions used the winter months to evaluate how to improve both the U.S. 13 Dragway and Delaware International Speedway.

“In 2022, we increased the number of events from an average of 60 per season to a little over 85 events,” states Mark Cathell, co-owner of SDM Promotions. “With the increase in events the task of managing two facilities became a lot more difficult. Our goal is, and continues to be, to grow the family business and to do that we must put the right pieces together,” says Cathell.

My wife and I, along with our family’s input, felt that the direction we are headed will help elevate the Motorsports Park into a new and exciting era!

When it comes to dirt track racing on the East Coast, one name continuously becomes the topic of conversation. Brett Deyo, in 10 years, has literally changed the face of dirt track racing up and down the eastern seaboard and continues to lead his organization to new heights.

“In life if you want to be the best then team up with the best. This is exactly what we want for the Speedway!” says Cathell.

For 2023, SDM Promotions is proud to announce, we will team up with Brett Deyo and BD Motorsports will now be the premier promoter for DIS.

“I have to admit, my background has always been in drag racing and special events,” says Cathell. “As much as some thought otherwise, I truly want to see both facilities reach their full potential. With this opportunity for the Speedway, we believe it can happen.”

To all our race teams and fans, hopefully you understand our delay in putting out the 2023 schedule as we knew it was imperative that all the pieces be in place before releasing the event dates. We are very excited for what Brett and his team can add to dirt track racing in Delmar! He is the premier promoter, and it will be our honor to see where he will take DIS in 2023 and beyond. SDM Promotions will continue to host the J&J demolition Derby’s, Pro Pulling League Truck and Tractor Pulls and The Monsters of Metal Monster Truck events.

SDM Promotions wants to thank everyone for their continued support, and we are more excited than ever to open the gates this year. Here’s to new horizons and the future of Motorsports on the Delmarva Peninsula.

Look for a full press release and schedule from BD Motorsports coming soon! All reserved parking, season passes, suite rentals and Speedway sponsorship will now be directed to BD Motorsports Media LLC.

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