Walter J. Hammond Earned Second Sportsman Modified Win At Devil’s Bowl Saturday

Story By: DEVIL’S BOWL SPEEDWAY – WEST HAVEN, VT – Saturday night at Devil’s Bowl was warm with folks from CCV (Community College of Vermont) on hand along with MVVDMS vintage racers in town.

Walter J. Hammond handled the heat by burning up the Devil’s Bowl clay earning his second Sunoco Sportsman Modified feature win this season.

Bubba McPhee, William Lussier Jr., Gage Provencher, and Allen Hewitt also visited victory lane.

Adam Piper and Shawn McPhee led the strong 30-car Sunoco Sportsman Modified field to Bob Bigelow’s green silk, with Leicester, VT racer Piper taking the early lead with his R&L Rubbish Removal 66. He would lead 16 laps until fifth place starting Walter J. Hammond came knocking wheeling his WH Building & Design 98H. The Canaan, NH driver had one win, and was looking for number two.

Hammond took the lead and held off a late race challenge from Wells, VT racer Don Mattison in his Monroe Mines number 10 to earn his second victory of the season. Manchester Center, VT driver Frank Hoard made some noise in his MJ Peltier Construction number 13 machine racing from 9th to 2nd, but ran out of laps. Hoard, Mattison, Tim LaDuc, and Anthony Warren rounded out the top five finishers.

Don Mattison, Walter J. Hammond, and Brent Warren were heat race winners. Troy Audet earned Elmo’s Pit Stop Bonus Bucks worth $100 via random draw at the pit meeting, while Tim LaDuc put on a show earning the John Bruno Memorial Hard Charger honors, also worth a $100 bonus presented by Ed ‘Elmo’ Allen and the folks from Elmo’s Pit Stop. LaDuc started 17th and raced his way to 4th.

Popular young man named Bubba earned his second O’Reilly Auto Parts Limited Sportsman feature win Saturday night. Rutland, VT racer John “Bubba” McPhee parked it as the kids say, with his Mike Hence Trucking number 22J. McPhee started third, took the lead lap three, and held off Alex Layn for the win. Layn, Josh LeClaire, Jason Quenneville, and John Gosselin completed the top five finishers.

Cody O’Brien, Bubba McPhee, and Freddie Little earned heat race victories.

Another Devil’s Bowl fan favorite rolled into victory lane after William Lussier Jr. earned victory in the 20-lap Hoosier Daddy Racing Rookie Sportsman main event. The Fair Haven, VT racer took advantage of a front row starting spot to grab the lead and never look back driving his Up 2 BBQ number 25. Josh Bussino, Boomer Patterson, Kamden Duffy, and Daryl Gebo rounded out the top five finishers.

William Lussier Jr. and Bobbie Hults were heat race winners.

Allen Hewitt earned his first win of the season in the 15-lap Mini Stock A-Main. The Rutland, VT racer started fourth, took the lead on lap 4, and cruised to the win. He was followed by Chris Conroy, Brian Blake, Chris Sumner, and Jakobee Alger completing the top five finishers.

Chris Conroy, Adam Mahoney, and Chris Sumner were heat race winners. Luke Fellows won the 10-lap Mini Stock B-Main.

Gage Provencher earned his second Friend Construction 15-lap 500cc Mini Sprint feature win on Saturday night. The Bridport, VT driver wasted no time taking the top spot and sprinting to the win. Rounding out the top five finishers were Lane Saville, Raelin Dunham, Roger LaDuc, and Logan Dennis.

Next up for Devil’s Bowl Speedway is Stone Motors night including all weekly divisions in action and another $500 to win Enduro. Pit gates opening at 3 PM, grandstands opening at 5:30 PM, and racing scheduled to start at 7 PM. Just another must see event at the great crate place.

JULY 23, 2022 SUNOCO SPORTSMAN MODIFIED FEATURE RESULTS (30 Laps) – 1) WALTER J. HAMMOND, 2) Frank Hoard III, 3) Don Mattison, 4) Tim LaDuc, 5) Anthony Warren, 6) Brian Whittemore, 7) Dylan Madsen, 8) David Bosclair, 9) Jimmy Ryan, 10) Todd Stone, 11) Vince Quenneville, 12) Marty Kelly III, 13) Johnny Bruno, 14) Justin Stone, 15) Kevin Chaffee, 16) Brian Calabrese, 17) Tanner Siemons, 18) Adam Piper, 19) Jimmy Davis, 20) Justin Comes, 21) Shawn McPhee, 22) James Hansen, 23) Walt Hammond Jr., 24) Brent Warren, 25) Allan Hammond, 26) Troy Audet, 27) Elmo Reckner, 28) Lacy Hanson (Sub for Billy Lussier), 29) Mike Palmer, 30) Josh Masterson.

JULY 23, 2022 O’REILEY AUTO PARTS LIMITED SPORTSMAN FEATURE RESULTS (20 Laps) – 1) BUBBA MCPHEE, 2) Alex Layn, 3) Josh LeClaire, 4) Jason Quenneville, 5) John Gosselin, 6) William Duprey, 7) Randy Ryan, 8) Katrina Bean, 9) Evan Roberts, 10) Timmy Aldrighetti, 11) Anthony Ryan, 12) Freddie Little, 13) Steve Miller, 14) Hunter Nutter, 15) Gary English, 16) Josh Nelson, 17) Steve Pope, 18) Bob Kilburn, 19) Wade Acker, 20) Cody O’Brien, 21) #17, 22) AJ Munger, 23) Justin Lilly, 24) Josh Paige.

JULY 23, 2022 HOOSIER DADDY RACING ROOKIE SPORTSMAN FEATURE RESULTS (20 Laps) – 1) WILLIAM LUSSIER JR., 2) Josh Bussino, 3) Boomer Patterson, 4) Kamden Duffy, 5) Daryl Gebo, 6) Bobbie Hults, 7) Aaron Clark, 8) Adam LaFountain, 9) Russ Farr, 10) Holden Bass, 11) Randy Edson, 12) Ed Bell, 13) Donald Williams, 14) Jason Kerr, 15) Derrick Counter, 16) Michael Clark, 17) Nick Austin-Neil.

JULY 23, 2022 MINI STOCK A-MAIN FEATURE RESULTS (15 Laps) – 1) ALLEN HEWITT, 2) Chris Conroy, 3) Brian Blake, 4) Chris Sumner, 5) Jakobee Alger, 6) Jarrod Colburn, 7) Ron Alger, 8) Craig Kirby, 9) Tom Severance, 10) Derrick Counter, 11) Griff Mahoney, 12) Jake Barrows, 13) Levi Cram, 14) Matt Wade, 15) Jacob Fountain, 16) Jake Mallory, 17) Chase Allen, 18) Dylan Kipp, 19) Nick Melotti, 20) Adam Mahoney, 21) Joe Malzac, 22) Tim Robinson, 23) Damian Olden, 24) Mark Mahoney.

JULY 23, 2022 MINI STOCK B-MAIN FEATURE RESULTS (10 Laps) – 1) LUKE FELLOWS, 2) Cody Dion, 3) Robert Steves, 4) Carl Lapoint, 5) Mary Gardner, 6) Scott Chandler (sub for Chris Hewitt), 7) Mike Clark.

JULY 23, 2022 FRIEND CONSTRUCTION 500CC MINI SPRINT FEATURE RESULTS (15 Laps) – 1) GAGE PROVENCHER, 2) Lane Saville, 3) Raelin Dunham, 4) Roger LaDuc, 5) Logan Dennis, 6) Ray Hanson, 7) Vern Woodard, 8) Thomas Kasuba, 9) Chris Lennox, 10) Chayton Young, 11) Damen Kasuba, 12) Kevin Smith, 13) Aidin Benoure.

JULY 23, 2022 MVVDMS FEATURE WINNERS – 1) Jack Miller (Vintage Modified), 2) Frank Hoard Jr. (Vintage Sportsman), 3) Carl Cram (Vintage Mystique), 4) Curtis Condon (Vintage Late Model), 5) Mike Wheeler (Vintage Antique).

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