Three-Wide Racing Wows All In Attendance At Shellhammer’s Dirt Track

Story By: MIKE FELTENBERGER / SHELLHAMMER DIRT TRACK – LEESPORT, PA – The old saying goes,”it takes 2 cars to make a race” and last week, it took 3 cars side by side by side to give the fans their money’s worth.

The Race Track by the River track surface prepped by Dave Cordier,Jr. was tacky and dust free the whole evening giving drivers a choice of lanes with a few making a 4th groove around the high banked 1/8th mile.

1st class on the speedway created a buzz that would continue to the final checkered as the 125’s had a 2 car battle between John Maurer and Chase Layser that would go right down to the final lap.With laps winding down the white 13 of Shane Davis was becoming faster with each passing lap and made a 3 car lead run to the finish.Wheeling through the pack was current point leader Chris Dolan and his passing of 5 cars in the last 6 laps was well worth the price of admission.Not to be left out was the efforts of Jase Smith who tried hard to ward off Dolan.Layser bested Maurer by .4 seconds with Davis slotting in for 3rd.Dolan’s charge rewarded him with 4th place just ahead of Smith.Chase Wehr in his 22cw,Cooper Schoenly and Abby Witter ran some strong laps for 6th,7th and 8th.

It was the Lindsey Garl show as her 17L was recording some of the fastest All Star Slingshot laps of the year.George Manion was within striking distance but a lap 11 yellow found him a little slow with the loud pedal foot on the restart and he fell back a few spots as Nolen Layser and Tucker Cole took it 2 wide for 3 laps with Layser getting the final advantage.Setting a blistering pace was Tess Horvath in her 42T as she vaulted past Manion and challenged Cole for 3rd.Garl took her 4th WW win with Layser 2nd and Cole 3rd.Horvath was 4th and Manion 5th.Jax Yohn,who was the current point leader,seemed to be losing power in the late stages of the 20 lapper and finished 7th after being passed by Alex Lagun with 1 to go.John Heberling got the 8th place payout.

With “the Mullet Man” Dakota Barlet getting a new engine in his #54 600 micro,the run to the front took 2 laps as he throttled past Trent Warner to claim his 2nd win of the season.Cliff Brian,Jr. used 2 different grooves at each end of the speedway to make a late race challenge come up 1 spot short.With Warner dropping back to 3rd,he put all of his driving skills to use as Trevor Kobylarz wanted that final podium spot with his last lap charge just falling short.All eyes were focusing on the next 3 as position swaps were a regular occurrence along with some clean 3 wide racing as Adam Buchel,Matt McAnally and Matthew Warner were locked in to the checkered.Buchel had a slight bobble falling back to 7th but rebounded to get Warner at the line with McAnally having a sharp run for 5th.Things look to coming around for Damian Bower as he soldiered on to get a nice 8th place run.

It was 3 wide heaven in the middle stages of the Stage 1 Mod 20 lapper as A J Gerhart had some early race contention from Bryce Dodig.Behind these 2 it was CJ Fritz,Matthew Mertz and Mike Glass spread across the speedway in fine form,each one wanting that 3rd place money.Gerhart got the win followed by Dodig with Mertz to the line 3rd.Fritz and Glass rounded out the top 5.The late race charge for 6th by Mark Mohr fell just .4 seconds short as Abraxas Hannah worked hard to earn a strong 6th place finish ahead of Mohr.Slotting in for 8th was the black # 88 of Stephen Smith III.

The 270’s have had quite a few new drivers enter the division the last few years and one that was destined to become a feature winner did so last night warding off one of the best small car racers in the area and current point leader Richie Hartman.Matt McAnally wanted nothing more than to come off of turn 2 with the lead from Dan Lane,Jr. and he did just that.Hartman got by Lane at the 1/2 way sign and started to pressure McAnally,but to no avail with the 36r getting the win.Lane,Jr. was 3rd.Scrambling for 4th was the trio of Ben Layser,Adam Buchel and Pete Skias.A 3 wide battle ensued with Buchel using the lowside to sneak past Layser for 4th.Layser was 5th just ahead of Skias.Dakota Barlet rallied from 9th to get 7th in the last 2 laps just ahead of the 17J of Jarrett Imler.

Clean and green for these young gas mashers as the Junior Slingshots ran off their 20 lap affair in 3:41.Chase Schott and Ryder Miller drag raced into turn 3 on lap 1 and Schott just stayed on the gas a little longer getting the lead that he would never lose.Miller had his best run of the season with a nice 2nd place tally.Behind these 2 it was anyone’s guess what the final order would be as a 4 wide run through turns 3 and 4 left little doubt that Ryan Rochelle wanted that 3rd place envelope with Parker Hendricks,Griffin Hendershot and Colton Williams all having the same idea.The 42 of Dylan Hahn was now getting involved so a 4 car scramble for 4th had the fans attention.Hendricks did get 4th by .2 seconds over Hendershot who just manged to stay ahead of Williams,who outdistanced Hahn by .2 seconds with Daniel Betz shadowing Hahn to the checkered for 8th.

The last few weeks Shane Davis has had some renewed handling and speed and in the 125 micro rain makeup 20 lap main,it all came together for the driver of the #13 open wheeler.John Maurer and Shane locked up for some early race excitement as Abby Witter,Jase Smith and Chris Dolan were the next 3 contenders.With only 1 caution slowing down the field the charge to the finish for 3rd through 8th was not going to be decided until the very end.For 5 laps 5 cars shuffled back and forth as Chase Layser and Cooper Schoenly joined the other 6 with aspirations of a bigger pay envelope.With the checkered flag waving it was Davis over Maurer.Dolan salvaged a 3rd just ahead of Layser.The 16w of Abby Witter held firm for 4th ahead of the Smith family battle won by Jase over Jesse with Schoenly getting another Elite 8 finish of 8th.

Track surface held firm,giving multiple lane choices last night.Slower drivers adhered to the passing flag and the driver in car radio worked to perfection getting some cars with mechanical issues off the speedway with no incidents or yellow flags.

Busy week next week as the RFRHS Dave Cordier,Sr. Nostalgia Nationals take to the speedway with both Slingshot classes and the Stage 1 Mods on Monday August 1.The actual Nostalgia Nationals championships on Tuesday for just the Slingshots and a regular night of racing for the August 3rd Wingless Weds. event.

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