Utica-Rome Continues To Make History With New Yorker Set For September 4th

Story By: ANDREW REIGEL / UTICA-ROME SPEEDWAY – VERNON, NY – The historic ‘New Yorker’ is set for another running on Sunday, Sept. 4.

The ‘Home of Heroes’ Utica-Rome Speedway has played host to the ‘New Yorker’ dating all the way back to its inception in 1963. The historic event has been synonymous with legendary names such as Lou Lazzaro, Richie Evans, Geoff Bodine, Billy Pauch, Bobby Varin, Stewart Friesen, and Matt Sheppard to name a few.

The race has been numerous distances throughout the years including 400 straight laps, 100, 50, 40 and even a pair of 200-lap segments. Last year’s edition saw Stewart Friesen pick up his third career ‘New Yorker’ triumph. Friesen will have to fend off red hot Sheppard along with many of the best Modified drivers in the Northeast to be crowned once again.

F.X. Caprara Car Companies presents the ‘New Yorker 50,’ as the STSS big-block/small-block Modifieds race for 50 laps in pursuit of a $25,000 top prize.

The purse for the event totals over $80,000, with $1,000 reserved for the 16th-place finisher and $500 to take the green flag, the standard for the lucrative Halmar International ‘Elite’ Series.

The Worthington Industries Crate 602 Sportsman, Next Generation Graphix Pro Stocks, and Fastline Performance Limited Sportsman of Utica-Rome Speedway accompany the Sunday program.

Two days prior to the ‘New Yorker 50,’ Utica-Rome Speedway hosts its championship night on Sept. 2, making it a full weekend of racing at the Route 5 oval.

‘New Yorker’ Event History

‘New Yorker’ Event Wins:
3 – Billy Pauch, Bobby Varin, Lou Lazzaro, Matt Sheppard, Richie Evans, & Stewart Friesen
2 – Ed Flemke
1 – Bill Wimble, Dale Planck, Geoff Bodine, Jean Paul Cabana, Larry Wight, Maynard Troyer, Rene Charland & Steve Paine

‘New Yorker’ Event Champions:
1963: Lou Lazzaro (9/1)
1964: Ed Flemke (9/6)
1965: Rene Charland (9/5)
1966: Bill Wimble (9/11)
1967: Jean Paul Cabana (9/3)
1968: Lou Lazzaro (9/1)
1969: Lou Lazzaro (9/1)
1970: Ed Flemke (9/6)
1971: Richie Evans (9/5)
1972: Richie Evans (9/5)
1973: Maynard Troyer (9/2)
1974: Geoff Bodine (8/30)
1978: Richie Evans (9/3)
1990: Billy Pauch (9/16)
1991: Billy Pauch (9/22)
1992: Dale Planck (9/20)
1993: Billy Pauch (9/19
2007: Stewart Friesen (9/16)
2008: Bobby Varin (9/13)
2009: Steve Paine (9/12)
2010: Bobby Varin (9/11)
2011: Bobby Varin (9/10)
2012: Rain (9/8)
2013: Rain (9/2)
2014: Larry Wight (9/1)
2015: Matt Sheppard (9/7)
2016: Matt Sheppard (9/11)
2017: Stewart Friesen (7/2)
2018: Matt Sheppard (5/13)
2019: Rain (9/1)
2021: Stewart Friesen (9/6)

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