RPW Column: Kyle Smith Broke Into Grandview’s Victory Lane Saturday With 13th To First Drive

Column By: TOM WENNER / RPW – BECHTELSVILLE, PA – Grandview Speedway Sportsman Star Kyle Smith who is #3 man in points has had a rough few weeks of competition at the Bechtelsville Speed Plant.

On Saturday Night the Fleetwood, PA Sportsman Star turned it around and scored his first victory of ’22.

Smith drove from his 13th starting position to the lead with 5 laps to go and had to wrestle away the lead from a strong running Michael Burrows.

Michael Burrows and Keith Haring brought the 24 car TP Truck Equipment Sportsman Field to the green flag.

Michael Burrows had the #55 Sportsman hooked up and was strong at the start of the race by moving out front. Zach Steffy, Keith Haring, Kenny Bock, Josh Adams, Jesse Landis and Joey Vaccaro followed.

With 3 markers down Burrows was stretching his legs out front. Zach Steffy was trying to run down the leader in second. Haring, Landis, and Vaccaro were the balance of the Top-5.

Michael Burrows was cruising out front at 5 down, Steffy, Haring, Landis and Rookie sensation Jesse Hirthler cracking the Top 5.

All green flag action at 10 down and Burrows was now holding down a straightaway lead with Zach Steffy in 2nd comfortably ahead of 3rd place runner Jesse Landis in the 973, Jesse Hirthler in 4th and Keith Haring in 5th.

At lap 12 Chris Esposito pulled of the raceway

Michael Burrows continued with the lead at 15 down and all green flag racing. Zach Steffy authoring a great run in 2nd, Jesse Landis 3rd, Jesse Hirthler 4th, and Kyle Smith in 5th from 13th.

As the field was clicking off lap 18, The leaders were entering lap traffic and Michael Burrows lead had shrunk. Steffy and Landis were running down the Burrows #55 machine and about to make things interesting. Jesse Hirthler, Kyle Smith, Joey Vaccaro, Kenny Bock and Point Leader Brian Hirthler were all entering the picture.

On Lap 19 the caution lights were flashing as Steve Young was turned around in turn 4.

The field was restacked after 19 green flag laps – Michael Burrows at the point, Steffy, Landis, J. Hirthler, Smith, Vaccaro, Bock and B. Hirthler.

On the restart for lap 20 Kyle Smith had a huge charge and moved from 5th and 2nd. Burrows had a small lead and Smith was on his bumper now. Kyle Smith moved past Michael Burrows for the lead with Jesse Landis, Jesse Hirthler and Brian Hirthler all moving into the Top 5.

On Lap 21 the caution lights were flashing for the 2nd time on the night as Zach Steffy hit the turn 3 and 4 wall hard. Steffy was ok, but the car was heavily damaged. A sad ending to the night for Steffy as he was running very well up front.

The field was restacked for a 4 lap dash to the checker flag. Kyle Smith is now the race leader, Michael Burrows, Jesse Landis, Jesse Hirthler and Brian Hirthler.

We go back to green and Kyle Smith breaks away with the lead. Burrows and Landis are left to battle for 2nd. Brian Hirthler moves around Jesse for 4th on lap 22.

Kyle Smith would break away and not be challenged over the final 3 laps to score the win. Michael Burrows kept 2nd for his best finish of ’22. Grandview Speedway Sportsman Point Leader Brian Hirthler moved past Jesse Landis for 3rd, Jesse Landis 4th , Jesse Hirthler 5th, Joey Vaccaro 6th, Dakota Kohler 7th, Dylan Hoch 8th, Kenny Bock 9th, and Mike Schneck Jr. 10th.

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