Any Midget Tire Will Be Allowed At 2023 Chili Bowl; Officials Rescind Previous Requirements

Story By: BRYAN HULBERT / CHILI BOWL – TULSA, OK – We would first like to apologize for the confusion and panic caused by Wednesday’s release regarding tire usage at the 2023 Lucas Oil Bowl National presented by General Tire.

We have rescinded the requirements for the rear axle, and any brand of Midget Racing Tire will be acceptable for use during the 2023 event. The tires that were posted Wednesday are the ones that Hoosier is manufacturing, but all discontinued inventory of Midget Racing Tire will be allowed for use.

As always, tires cannot be chemically altered in any way. As we have done since the 2018 event, there will be a designated area at the top of the ramp, and cars will be stopped at random throughout the event. Teams who are stopped will need to provide their own tire groover. This is to avoid any possible cross-contamination. We advise teams to have a groover with you just in case you are stopped.

If a team refuses to have a sample taken, they will be disqualified. All samples will be documented, logged, and a serial number will be used with individual samples placed in a tamper-proof bag and sealed. A copy of the serial number will be given to the team for proper documentation. If a team is found to be doping their tires, a suspension of one (1) year from competition at the Chili Bowl Nationals will be levied.

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