RUSH Stock Cars To Continue In 2023; Four Tracks On Board For New Season

Story By: MIKE LEONE / RUSH RACING SERIES – PULASKI, PA – The Hovis Auto & Truck Supply RUSH Racing Series presented by Born2Run Lubricants is pleased to announce that the RUSH Stock Car division will continue in 2023.

The division was announced late in 2020 as an affordable option for Stock Car enthusiasts, but immediately experienced unforeseen circumstances many of which were a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, however Dog Hollow, Stateline, and Eriez Speedways have all stood behind the division and has continued their commitment for the division in 2023.

In addition, Marion Center Raceway is also on board giving racers around the Dog Hollow area an additional venue to compete at close to home.

“Looking back I don’t think we could have chosen a worse time to launch a new division,” stated RUSH Director Vicki Emig. “The lingering effects and uncertainty of COVD-19 really took its toll on the growth of the RUSH Stock Car division. Ironically with that said, and unfortunately watching the overall continued rise in cost of racing in general, I still believe the RUSH Stock Cars can be successful into the future. Every RUSH class in existence today started with zero cars and have grown into the strong divisions we see today. We can’t thank the promoters enough who continue to be diligent in their belief in the need for this division.”

The RUSH Stock Cars look like “stock cars” resembling Monte Carlos and are powered by Chevrolet Performance 602 crate engines on sealed/spec Bilstein Shocks, RUSH 91 pump fuel, and Hoosier spec tires. Those four key “cost containment” elements have already proved very successful in the RUSH Sportsman Modified and Sprint Car divisions, both of which continue to have strong forward momentum with great car counts and extremely competitive racing. Estimated current cost for a complete GM 602 engine package, carb to pan, range from $7,500 (used) to $10,000 (new), and racers who competed in the class this past year estimate they have $12,000-$16,000 in their complete cars.

Beginning in 2023, the Bernheisel “M” Series full perimeter metric chassis, part #788200, which retails for $2,195 will be permitted in competition. Also, Hoosier Medium 100’s or Medium tires will be permitted, which is the same Hoosier Tire utilized on the RUSH Pro Mods and other similar Pure/Hobby Stock Car divisions in the region.

Chevrolet Performance 602 Stock Car divisions continue to flourish across the country with strong weekly car counts by providing an affordable and exciting option for those wanting to participate in a stock car division. The tentative 2023 RUSH Stock Car rules, which closely mirrors several other prominent national sanctioning bodies, is available at the following link:

A Hovis Weekly Series Championship in excess of $7,500 has again been posted for 2023 with $2,000 to-win paying down 15 positions for member drivers. In addition, a three-position paying “Futures Cup” points fund with $200 to-win will again be posted for eligible teenage racers. Also, as is the case with the other RUSH divisions, a “Manufacturers Night” presented by MSD Performance will also be part of the program.

The RUSH Stock Cars will compete with Dog Hollow and Marion Center’s Pure/Hobby Stock divisions as the RUSH Stocks are extremely competitive with these divisions; however they will compete separately if there are six or more cars. Stateline and Eriez will continue to run the cars as a stand-alone division. Check with each individual track for specifics and payoffs.

“From the beginning the Scott Family (Stateline), Dave Alexander (Eriez) and Kyle Smith (Dog Hollow) all have been committed to building an affordable Stock Car division and continue to believe in the concept,” continued Emig. “Ironically Dog Hollow was the site of the very first Crate Late Model race in 2007 with just two cars; now here we are 16 years later as the RUSH Late Model program flourishes throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic with hundreds of competitors. To have Marion Center Speedway join their efforts will now offer RUSH Stock Car racers Friday-Saturday venues to participate in their immediate area and that is sure to be a very positive step in building the division.”

“By these promoters standing by their commitment to the RUSH Stock Cars over the past two season and allowing the handful of RUSH Stock Car competitors get out in front of people was definitely a huge plus for the division,” added Emig. “Throughout this past season we’ve had many inquiries about the class as have our RUSH Authorized Repair Facilities about the Chevrolet Performance 602 engine package.”.

When competing at both Dog Hollow and Marion Center in their Pure Stock division, the RUSH Stocks captured several top five finishes with the affordable Chevrolet Performance 602 engine package against built engines, and when they raced amongst themselves the RUSH Stock Cars produced the same great racing we continuously see in all other RUSH divisions, with both situations showcasing the competitiveness of the cars!

Tim Laughard is the 2022 Hovis RUSH Stock Car Weekly Series Champion. The 41-year-old resident of Nanty Glo, Pa. has been racing on and off for the past 15 years, mainly in a Pure Stock. After competing in a RUSH Stock car now for two season, Laughard continues to really like the Series because the playing field for the drivers is so equal; he is looking forward to defending his RUSH Stock Car title in 2023. He recorded numerous top five finishes with his GM 602 crate engine against built motor Pure Stocks at both Dog Hollow and Marion Center Speedway saying “We’re always right up there with them – the motors have power”.

“I estimate I have around $15,000 in my total RUSH Stock Car package,” said Laughard, who won eight RUSH Stock Car features in 2022. “I always hoped RUSH would form a Chevrolet Performance crate engine stock car division and when they did I jumped right in! With RUSH everything is set in stone, and it is what it is. Vicki (Emig) is good at keeping in contact with the racers and to make sure things are going well- she has an open-door policy. If she doesn’t have the answer, she will find it out. I believe in the long run the same concepts that have made the other RUSH divisions successful will also prove to make the RUSH Stock Car division a success!”

RUSH Membership, which is optional but required to receive points and be eligible for the points fund, is $125. Membership includes a $100,000 excess participant accident insurance policy when competing in a RUSH-sanctioned event.

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