RPW Column: Jared Umbenhauer Scores First Grandview Speedway Modified Of ’22 Saturday

Column By: TOM WENNER / RPW – BECHTELSVILLE, PA – Jared Umbenhauer took advantage of a great starting position on Saturday night and took his self-owned #19 Carriage House Car Wash Bicknell to victory lane.

Jared started 10th on the field on Saturday night and was into the top 5 immediately and took command of the race by lap 22. Umbenhauer had to wrestle the lead away from Dylan Swinehart who had a very fast running Bailey Fab #81.

As the race wore on, Jared had to then contend with track point leader Brett Kressley who reached the top 5 by lap 22 and was 2nd by the 5 to go mark.

Dylan Swinehart and Darrin Schuler led the TP Trailers 28 car field to the green.

Darrin Schuler took the lap 1 lead at the start with Steve Swinehart, Dylan Swinehart, Bobby Gunther-Walsh, Brad Brightbill and Jared Umbenhauer in tow.

On lap 4 Steve Swinehart took the 942 to the lead with Dylan Swinehart in the Bailey Fab 81 in chase mode Schuler, Gunther-Walsh, and Umbenhauer making up the top 5.

Bobby Trapper retired to the pits on lap 7, Ray Swinehart retired on lap 8.

As the field scored lap 10 Steve Swinehart had the Weller 942 out front with Dylan Swinehart chasing in the Dennis Bailey owned 81. Gunther-Walsh was 3rd, Jared Umbenhauer was now 4th, Kevin Hirthler 5th, Doug Manmiller 6th, Jeff Strunk 7th and Brett Kressley 8th.

The yellow lights were flashing on lap 12 for the Nate Brinker who was spun turns 1 & 2. Steve Swinehart remained the leader, Dylan Swinehart 2nd, Jared Umbenhauer 3rd, Bobby Gunther-Walsh 4th, and Kevin Hirthler 5th.

The field was reset and an accident on the restart caused a large pileup in Turn 3. Drivers involved included Ryan Grim, John Willman, Joe Funk, Brad Brightbill, Justin Grim, Nate Brinker, and Mark Kratz. Ryan Grim, Justin Grim, Joe Funk, Nate Brinker, and John Willman all needed the business end of the tow truck from the speedway. After a lengthy cleanup effort the field was restacked for racing action.

On the restart Dylan Swinehart took control of the race in the Bailey Fab #81, S. Swinehart followed, Umbenhauer moved to 3rd, Manmiller was now 4th and Kevin Hirthler 5th.

On lap 17 Dylan Swinehart had the Bailey owned 81 flying out front. Jared Umbenhauer had now moved 2nd, Doug Manmiller to 3rd, Brett Kressley was 4th and Steve Swinehart 5th.

On Lap 20 Kevin Hirthler pulled the 117 into the infield with smoke coming from the rear of the car.

As the race hit lap 21 Jared Umbenhauer was now challenging Dylan Swinehart for the lead. The race behind them was for 3rd with Manmiller 3rd, Kressley 4th, and Jeff Strunk 5th.

On Lap 22 Jared Umbenhauer took control of the race. Dylan Swinehart was 2nd, Manmiller 3rd, Kressley 4th and Strunk 5th. You could throw a blanket over Manmiller, Kressley and Strunk as they raced for 3rd-4th-5th.

As the field approached the 5 to go mark Jared Umbenhauer was your leader, Swinehart, Kressley was now 3rd, Manmiller 4th and Strunk 5th, Howard 6th, and Craig Von Dohren 7th.

On Lap 27 Brett Kressley moved into 2nd dropping Swinehart to 3rd.

On Lap 29, White Flag Dylan Swinehart took the Bailey 81 to the infield with smoke showing.

Jared Umbenhauer raced to the checker flag scoring his first ’22 Grandview Speedway Modified checkered flag, Grandview Speedway point leader Brett Kressley was 2nd, Jeff Strunk 3rd, Doug Manmiller 4th, Craig Von Dohren 5th, Duane Howard 6th, Steve Swinehart 7th, and Bobby Gunther-Walsh 8th, Timmy Buckwalter 9th and Brad Grim 10th.

Jared is the 4th different Modified driver to visit victory lane in 2022 joining Manmiller, Kressley and Von Dohren. Jared swept the night in winning his heat from the back of the pack and scoring the modified feature win. Double 19’s in victory lane – Brightbill and Umbenhauer.

The victory is career win number 5 for Jared, Having last won in April of 2021. Jared dedicated the win to his father who is at home and not feeling well with some back issues.

Jared shared that the season has been a struggle with 3 DNF’s so far to date, This win is definitely pick me-up for the self owned Umbenhauer Racing Team.

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