RPW Column: Louden Reimert Wins First-Career Big Diamond Spec 358-Modified Feature Friday

Column By: TOM WENNER / RPW – MINERSVILLE, PA – Louden Reimert is making 2022 a season of many career firsts.

He started by scoring New Egypt Speedway and BAPS Motor Speedway wins.

On Friday night, Reimert added the Big Diamond Speedway to his list of first career Spec 358 Modified victory lane visits in 2022.

Reimert did it his way on Friday night, quietly motoring through the field and sneaking by Mike Lisowski for the race lead. Once Louden was out front, he set sail and cruised away to victory lane.

The Reimert Racing Flurer Machine and Tool Morrison powered Bicknell #16 has been on the mark all season, all Reimert needed a was Friday the 13th to align for his 1st career victory.

Corey Renninger and Heath Metzger brought the Insinger Performance Modified 25 car field to the green flag.

Corey Renninger took the lead at the drop of the green with Kevin Beach, Mike Lisowski, Ryan Watt, Heath Metzger and Nick Rochinski in tow.

On Lap 2 the yellow lights were flashing for Shawn Light who was spun in Turns 1 & 2.

The field was restacked with Renninger out front followed by Lisowski, Beach, Watt, Rochinski, and Louden Reimert.

On the lap 3 restart Mike Lisowski moved to the race lead with Renninger dropping to 2nd followed by Ryan Watt, Louden Reimert, Nick Rochinski in the top 5.

At the 5 down mark of the race Mike Lisowski remained the race leader as Louden Reimert was on the move in 2nd and Ryan Watt was 3rd. Brett Kressley was 7th. Craig Von Dohren 9th and Duane Howard was 10th.

With 10 down scored Mike Lisowski continued to control the race out front with Reimert, Watt, Rochinski, Kressley the Top 5. Bryan Rhoads pulled the #922 to the infield on lap 10.

On Lap 13 Louden Reimert took control of the race from Mike Lisowski, Watt remained 3rd, Brett Kressley was now 4th, and Nick Rochinski was 5th.

The race was now fully under green and Reimert was setting sail at the front of the pack. With 15 down and 10 to go, Reimert was in full control out front. Lisowski, Watt, Kressley, Rochinski, Howard, Beach and Von Dohren made up the rest of the running order.

At the lap 18 Louden Reimert was catching lap traffic and navigating the field while under green. Brett Kressley moved into 3rd.

With 5 to go, Reimert was cruising away with a straightaway lead. Mike Lisowski in 2nd, Brett Kressley was now in the top groove and blasting to the front in 3rd, Ryan Watt 4th, Duane Howard 5th, Nick Rochinski 6th and Craig Von Dohren 7th.

On lap 21 Ken Eckert Jr. pulled the X1 into the infield.

On Lap 22 Brett Kressley moved past Mike Lisowski for 2nd place.

Louden Reimert would go unchallenged for the remaining 3 laps to score his 1st career feature win at the Big Diamond Speedway.

Brett Kressley would rally to finish 2nd, Mike Lisowski 3rd, Ryan Watt 4th, Duane Howard 5th, Nick Rochinski, 6th, Jeff Strunk 7th, Craig Von Dohren 8th, Rick Laubach 9th, and Craig Whitmoyer 10th.

The race went from Lap 2 to the finish all under green flag racing conditions.

In victory lane Louden Reimert thanked the Big Diamond Speedway for great track conditions. Reimert from Oley, PA thanked Doug Flurer from Flurer Machine and Tool, Christman’s Meats, and Morrison Performance. Louden gave special appreciation to his crew, his father Shaun, grandfather Terry, Andrew, Brett and Steve.

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